Your Neighbour Who Parks His Car Horribly- Sales Training Malaysia

Your Neighbour Who Parks His Car Horribly- Sales Training Malaysia


Don’t you just hate it when your neighbor parks his car and his wheel crosses over to your side?

I saw this when I was walking to my car. This happened right opposite of my car.

It is even more frustrating if you make the effort to park your car properly and your neighbor just couldn’t care less if he parks in his box or not. Some people are just horrible at parking and it makes other people feel that he is an inconsiderate person.

But in every situation, there is always a lesson. Here’s how a sales person can relate to this.

Lessons Learnt When Your Neighbor Parks His Car Horribly

Neighbor Doesn’t Realize It

Sometimes, you tend to meet ‘blur’ people who just don’t realize that the way they park their car is as good as a drunk man doing rope walking. The problem is, they genuinely do not know that they have a problem but at the same time, they are offending other drivers.

A sales person may be selling using the wrong techniques and does not even realize it. He may offend people unintentionally and keeps on wondering why he just can’t close a sale.

Neighbor Doesn’t Care

This is clearly an attitude problem. He knows that he is in the wrong but chooses to allow other drivers to be offended. To him is, “If you don’t like it, go park somewhere else”

Sometimes when a sales person has this attitude, he tends to be defensive. When a prospect does not like his products, he might just tell the prospect off sarcastically:

“Then go elsewhere and find a cheaper price! If you can find, let me know because I want to buy also!”

Neighbor Doesn’t Want To Improve

Some people have this mindset that they are too lazy to improve although they realize that they have a problem. They know that they park correctly do it but they do not have the drive and the motivation to do it. It could be fear, lack of confidence or energy that’s stopping them.

When sales people reach this stage, they just go with the flow. Why bother? It’s just going to be the same. I’ll just do what I can.

That’s a wrong mindset.

It is a problem when you have such mindset, you are not at your full capability. If you continue, you will just be an average or below average sales person.

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The worst thing you can do yourself is ignorance and the refusal to improve.

If you realize that you have a problem, work on it! A person grows by learning from mistakes, not continue living with your mistakes.

Using the same old technique for 10 years is wrong. Why? Because the market is evolving so fast and competitors are popping up everywhere. It is hard to stand out if every other sales person is selling what you are selling also and using the same sales technique.

For sales people, having a wrong attitude will affect you badly. With wrong sales technique, you will find it extremely hard to hit your sales target. Over time you will get demotivated and finally give up. How do you handle de-motivation?

How To Improve Sales?

At Sales Ninja, we do things differently.

We do NOT do what others are doing… because everyone else is doing it!

We practice unconventional sales techniques and we use psychological weapons that has been extremely effective on prospects.

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