Why Sales Training is a MUST for any sales person

Why Sales Training is a MUST for any sales person

Are you a sales manager or training manager looking for ways to get your sales team hitting their sales target consistently? Most sales people we have encountered struggle to close sales and every month he or she won’t achieve their sales target, causing them to be very demotivated.

Even if the person gets fired or leaves the job, a new sales person comes in and the cycle would just repeat. You’ll be lucky if the new person is an over achiever; which is not in most cases.

The objective of sales training is to transform that under achiever to start improving his sales techniques to start hitting targets. Some important techniques that this sales person can learn are:

“I can do it” attitude

Sales people can easily get demotivated. After several meetings and phone calls of objections and rejections can easily crush a sales person. Also, high sales target set by management can also cause the sales person to be more demotivated.

Our Warrior training is designed specifically for this. The objective – Transform an underachiever to be a Sales Ninja who is aggressive and always hitting their sales target. 

1-2-3 of Sales

Most sales people we talk to do not know the process of sales.

The common answer we get is just to approach customer, sell and follow up if they think the customer is interested. Surprisingly, even senior sales people I met recently did not even know his products well. This is because most sales people are just simply following the straight forward meet-and-sell method.

Our sales process is for sales people who are serious about learning real sales techniques that can be used by any sales person – provided they put in effort. The 6-step system ensures that you close sales faster than your competitors and have repeated business. Find out about our Master training.

Calling customers

One of the most dreaded process of a sales person is cold calling and approaching a total stranger to sell your product. High chances are you’ll be rejected even before you finish your sentence.  The problem is, if you are not successful here, you’ll never hit your sales targets.

We know how challenging cold calling and approaching a total stranger can be. So, we’ve specifically created a training just for this. Our Hunter training is effective even for new sales people to hunt down prospects like a pro. The objective of this training is to train sales people to capture the attention of the prospect in 5 seconds, follow up without getting common rejections like “I’m busy” and close sales faster over the phone. Sales people that we’ve trained even closed appointments during our training!

It’s not so simple

We know that there are other challenges that your sales people might be facing like sales negotiation, or even sales presentation to large groups. There could even be lack of communication and teamwork between sales people and other departments. Being in this industry for more than 10+ years, we understand that there are some challenges unique to your business. We have helped countless business in turning around complex sales situations into sales resulting in targets being achieved before the year end.

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