What To Do When You Meet People Asking For Money – Cold Calls, Charity, Tele-sales

What To Do When You Meet People Asking For Money – Cold Calls, Charity, Tele-sales

Have you been in a situation where you are having your meal in a coffee shop and suddenly you are approached by a stranger asking for money for charity? Like most people in this situation, many would just show the hand to reject the person and continue eating their food.

In this situation, it shows that if someone approaches you to part with your money, many would instantly shun them away.

Likewise, when receiving calls from the bank promoting their credit card, insurance or balance transfer offer, those tele-sales person may have that call ended by the receiver even before they manage to say their 9th word.

What To Do When You Meet People Asking For Money

It is understandable that you would get annoyed listening to people promoting their never ending products. Since we can’t run away from this, what can you do when this situation happens again?

Don’t reject so fast

When you meet with people asking for charity, listen first. Let them speak before you show them ‘the hand’. Who knows you might feel compassionate for their cause.

Reject when you don’t like it

Like mentioned earlier, most people reject even before the tele-sales person could finish their sentence. Give them a chance to speak and if you do not like it after listening for awhile, then reject them. But if they are promoting something that got you interested, continue listening.

Learn how they pitch

If you are a sales person or you are managing a sales team, this is a good chance to get tips. Listen to how the person over the phone is trying to sell you their products. If you like their style, learn it and adapt it. If you don’t like the way they pitch, remember to train your sales team to avoid that method!

Future interests

Although you may not be interested in their product now, you might be in the future. It is best to stay updated about what the market offers.


Lesson here, don’t reject people so fast. Listen first and if it is something that interests you, go on listening.Reject only after listening to their product and you find that you are not interested in it. Who knows, after listening to how they pitch, you will get interested in their product, learn more about new products or even learn their sales pitch.

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