What Sales People Can Learn From Babies (Without Being A Baby)

Willpower is the heart of dreams. Where there is a will, there is a way. But far too many people don’t even have the stomach to make tough choices, do things that they dislike and tolerate things that are uncomfortable.

And this is the case for working adults where many people say they can handle the tough days and the rejections or when the market slows down. Different people draw different kinds of inspirations from various sources, but their willpower would still be in question as to whether it will last throughout tough times… But what about people who draw no desires or inspirations from anything or anyone?

Babies and Their Will To Live

The little apple to all of our eyes. No matter how much some of us may dislike children, you cannot deny the one power they have without being taught: the will to keep going. Babies have only the will to live and to keep living despite the pain and hunger and everything that comes in between.

They don’t know any better and they don’t know what they really want because no one has imprinted upon them. And yet, they want to keep going. They cry about it, they claw their ways about it and will kick and scream until they know that nothing can harm them. But working adults do know what they want, what drives them to the edge and what makes them fly and yet, not able to have the willpower to sustain it. Why?

Motivation and Demotivation


Working adults can easily find motivation and sources of inspiration from about anything but why are they still susceptible to quick demotivation? The answer is all in the mind. Babies virtually have no fixed mindset or a mind, for that matter. Babies are only motivated to live and to reach maturity whereas adults are having difficulty doing that despite having the advantage.

The key to strong willpower is not have multiple inspirations but small and simple ones. If you have many goals and try to accomplish all of them in any period of time, you will easily find yourself disappointed in case if a single goal is not met. Keep it simple like a baby who’s only will is to survive no matter what.

Mindset and Motivation Training

A baby can’t be trained on certain skills like mindset or motivation. They can be moulded as they grow up, but they can’t be “taught” like how we teach adults. Adults can be trained to focus on certain aspects of their lives, their minds and their goals. Sales Ninja specializes in training and moulding the mind of all sales professionals.

The only question now is are you willing to learn and sharpen your mind for 2019 or are you going to choose to be helpless and powerless until someone feeds you? Click HEREto contact us and our Senior Solutions Manager will contact you with a fully customized training program!

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