Toxic Habits of Low Sales Performers Part 1

Toxic Habits of Low Sales Performers Part 1

It is always these types of habits that results to poor sales results, bad sales achievements and, ultimately making yourself look like a bad sales person. Today, Sales Ninja lists down some of the bad sales habits that you must avoid for your benefit in this 2 part series.


Arguably the worst habit that basically anyone would have in any line of work. This is probably a bigger hit towards sales people because whilst waiting for a reply or the times in between to search for new clients, they would dilly-dally, chat a lot, play mobile games or spend a suspiciously awful long time in the bathroom.

This is not to be confused with laziness as that is an entirely different habit of its own. Laziness is the refusal of doing certain work diligently and continuously, procrastinating is the delay of doing ANY type of work deliberately.


The most essential poison for all people but most especially for sales people. Since sales is a proactive and a constant daily battle, laziness is a habit we cannot afford to have but some still, sadly, do.

Sales people who have this habit can be apparent by how they behave towards their bosses, clients and even their colleagues as to how they behave. They would refuse to work properly or will do something very, very slowly.


Ever thought about what would happen if the client doesn’t like your idea? Or maybe the product doesn’t suit the needs to the client and you have nothing else to offer? What about the customizations which you lack thereof?

These thoughts are what blocks the effectiveness of selling practically anything. You tend to think about the minor details of the outcome to a point that we lose focus on what actually matters: closing the sale.

Being late

You ever had that one friend that is always late for a project or a gathering almost every single time? Most people would either be early or on time but there is always that one friend that is consistently late. Sadly, this would also apply to sales people as well. Coming late to work, being late to an appointment, waking up late or even the infamous tagline:

“I’m on my way, another 10 minutes.” When in reality they just got out of bed.

It’s true, being late can sometimes be out of our control such as traffic, accidents, medical emergencies and family abruptions but these are rare cases and can be avoided entirely if planned properly and informing others. The ones that are habitually late only use “emergencies” as excuses and not doing anything to improve their situation.

If a person does constantly have real issues and emergencies to be late for anything, they should really get their priorities and life checked out.


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