These Credit Card Sales People Got It All Wrong

These Credit Card Sales People Got It All Wrong

Last week, I was in Ikano shopping mall. While walking to Ace Hardware, I passed this booth where the sales people was trying to promote their bank’s credit card. I was walking pretty close to their booth and I was expecting one of the sales person to approach me ( I was ready to reject them)

No one approached me…

I was surprised! I would think that Credit Card sales people are quite aggressive and fearless! Boy, this one proved me wrong. Oh well, I just continued on to Ace Hardware to buy my stuff.  When I came out of Ace Hardware, I thought I’d observe how the Credit Card sales people are doing.

The Credit Card Sales People did not seem to get any sales… People are walking by and some listened a little but not a single person signed up for a credit card.

Here’s how I thought the sales could have been improved…

1. They shouldn’t have concluded so fast…

Could they have concluded in their minds that I was not a potential customer? That could be one of the reason why no one approached me when I walked past. Never judge your prospect. Approach everyone you see. If you approach someone, you might have a 50% to close a sale where if you do not approach, you’ll have ZERO chance to close a sale.

2. They could be scared…

Another possible reason is fear. But this applies to all sales people. Fear stops sales people from prospecting. It could be that the credit card sales people have gotten so many rejections that they are afraid of getting another one. It could also be that they are not confident in their capabilities. Truth be told, it can be a terrifying thing for a sales person to approach a total stranger and get him to buy.

But it is all in the mind. Mental barriers will stop you from achieving your sales target.

Learn to overcome your fear and JUST GO FOR IT! If you get rejected, just MOVE ON! Yes, it might be painful and tough, but don’t dwell on it for too long. Pick yourself up and HUNT FOR ANOTHER PROSPECT! Want to find out how Sales Ninja can get sales people to breakthrough from their negative mindset, excuses, fear and mental barriers to be Highly Charged Sales Warriors? More information here

3. They Are Untrained…

application-rejected They could be tossed into the booth by their bosses without proper training. Their boss might have just gave them a simple briefing like “Just go and approach everyone who walks by and sell this credit card. Tell them we have this promotion now. Ok go! ”  But the manager could have improve that by training them how to handle possible objections from prospects like ” I’m not interested”  “I got a lot of credit cards already, I don’t need another one” “Your credit card is not good”  This will greatly help your sales team to close more sales, be more confident and know how to tackle objections. It will make them more competent.

Not only that, you need to train the sales people to cover as much ground as possible.

It’s not doing your sales any good if your sales people are letting prospects walk pass without approaching them or having both your sales people sitting, talking or playing with their smart phones while ignoring prospects. Want to learn how Sales Ninja prospects for new customers? check this out Your sales people are a reflection of your company. If they are lazy or scared the whole time, it could show that your company is inferior. If your sales people are untrained to handle objections, it could show that your company’s products is not that good after all. No matter what, if you want to bring in more sales, it depends on your sales people. Your sales people are the front line of your company and how well or how horrible your sales performance will be depends on your sales people.

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