Team Building and Why It’s Not So Boring

Team Building and Why It’s Not So Boring

While that is sadly true for a lot of cases but team building in itself isn’t boring or even wasteful since that is highly from single points of views. It all depends on how 1 looks at team building sessions and what extremes some people are willing to go to ensure that the activities are fun and engaging.

Why A LOT of People Believe It Is Boring

Every time a company organizes a team building session or event or training, the 1st thing that is secretly on everyone’s minds is, “great, another cringy and boring games put together just to spend the budget.”

For the sole intent that it is what it is: boring. This type of mindset belongs to a certain group of negative people that can easily spread the same sentiment towards their peers. They lack the drive to socialize even slightly and has a firm belief that teamwork is only for people who lacks their own drive to work independently.

The way to fix this is to set a game where such individuals will definitely lose if played alone. But also remind them the lesson behind the losing game as teamwork in necessary for the benefit of all, not just individually. Remind the team that every effort they work on is for the company, the clients, the team as much as it is for themselves.

Why Participants LOVE Team Buildings

It’s like a working organism in the body, cells that thrive on each other’s energy to move faster and better. In team buildings, people from every corner of the company be it from sales or logistics or HR, would love the opportunity to work and play with those who work behind different doors.

It’s the best way to communicate face to face and get to know others whom they have never even seen before. Unlike networking or an ice-breaking event, inter-departmental team buildings consists of people who already know each other by name (or not) but they have never or rarely interacted with such people. Hence, a team building session would work well for everyone’s benefit.

The Benefits of Team Building

Only one word comes to mind when team building is in motion: bonding. The lesson of team building is to promote teamwork between departments for the benefit of their clients as well as each other. For SMEs, the bonding can be stronger as there aren’t many people and everyone can focus on each other more carefully.

MNCs can be a little more tricky since there are far more people to manage but have the right games and the right themes playing along, and things will go along just swimmingly.

Sales Ninja Team Building Customization

Sales Ninja has always emphasized on the growth of a team as much as the company. Because without a proper functioning team, no company will be able to grow especially if selfish individuals do things only for their own benefit and not everyone else. Click HERE and our Senior Solutions Manager will contact you with a fully customized training and gaming program for your people!  

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