Stall Owner Uses Upsell Technique That Boosted SALES by 200% in 5 SECONDS

Stall Owner Uses Upsell Technique That Boosted SALES by 200% in 5 SECONDS

Real story that happened on 31 Mar 2013

I ordered my food and was waiting for my food to be prepared. It was at the famous Johor Rojak in Ampang and there were three other people ahead of me waiting for their orders as well.

As I was waiting, suddenly a guy came up to the Johor Rojak Stall with an opened packet of Nasi Lemak and took a fried fish ball from the stall and placed it in his Nasi Lemak. “How much?” He asked the stall owner.

“50 cents”

The customer took out a one ringgit note and gave it to the owner. ”

How about 2 pieces?” replied the owner and immediately took another piece of fried fish ball to place it in his Nasi Lemak. The customer paused for awhile and nodded. The owner then immediately placed the fish ball in the customer’s Nasi Lemak.

Sale closed. This is an upsell that worked! First, he managed to double his profit. Secondly, it was more time efficient as he did not have to waste his time searching for change.

I got my food and walked off impressed with his upsell technique. Imagine if he successfully upsells 100 of his customers.

Learn effective ways of the upsell technique. If done correctly, customers will most likely agree to your upsell.

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