Spicy Korean Barbecue Dish!

When you enter a Korean Restaurant, you are immediately greeted with the amazing sounds of sizzling barbeque and the smell of tasty marinated meat on the hot plate! It’s an amazing experience.

It was a weekend and our Sales Ninja Hunter Suresh decided to head to Uncle Jung Korean Restaurant for a delicious barbeque meal.

Going through the menu at light speed, he finally spotted the barbeque dish he was looking for and found that there were two options for that dish -original or spicy.

The last time he came, he tried the original which he thought was only a bit spicy and was rather tasteless. So today when the waiter asked for his order, he said ” I want the spicy barbeque”!

It costs RM4 more than the original one but the waiter said “I advise you not to”.

Suresh was surprised to hear that from the waiter as it is RM4 of extra profit for the restaurant. Who would discourage someone from giving you more profit? But he still insisted on the spicy one and finally when the food arrived, without hesitation Suresh tossed the meat into the sizzling hot plate and ate it!

It was EXTREMELY spicy and was practically inedible! Every bite stung with spiciness. But being tough, Suresh persisted and was practically sweating like a waterfall during a monsoon season!

 Later, the waiter took a fan and placed it right beside Suresh.

What Is Noticed Here?

Listen to guys with experience. The waiter must have been working in that restaurant for quite awhile now since he knew how spicy that barbeque dish was. When he advised Suresh, he must have been telling from experience after watching how many customers have suffered through this fiery and hellish dish. In sales, sometimes it is good to listen to advises of people who have experience. It takes someone who has gone through it to help you in using the correct words, negotiate the right way and close the sale of this tough buyer.

Being adventurous is good. But, there are times when we face problems when we are adventurous and sometimes it hurts. In this case, the mouth and probably the stomach was the victim. In sales, when being too aggressive, buyers may feel offended and you lose the sale, get scolded or even complain to your superiors about you.

The lesson here is not to be less aggressive. Being aggressive is important in sales, but learn to focus the aggressiveness the right direction and you will see more sales getting closed!

Learn from mistakes. Now that Suresh knows how spicy the dish was, he will not be ordering that dish anytime soon unless he has a craving to torture himself again. But now that he has persisted, eaten it and overcome it, he is a stronger person! Failures will be painful and they are sure to happen, but you have to learn from it. In cold calling there will be lots of mistakes and failures that you have to go through. Learn from it and do better in the next phone call.

Be honest. The waiter was honest to inform our dear Suresh not to order the dish. When dealing with customers, sometimes sales people are tempted to tell white lies or hide those bad but important information from buyers just to close a sale. The buyer may buy the first time but when he realizes that you were being dishonest, you will never get the sale from him again. So always be honest in your dealings.


There are just so much to be learnt from a Korean Barbeque right? Remember that if you want to be a successful sales person, this short story reveals that you need to listen to guys with experience, being adventurous, learn from mistakes and be honest.

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