Should You Fire Negative Sales Performers?

Should You Fire Negative Sales Performers?

A very tempting and hypnotic question managers always themselves when someone isn’t performing. It’s would seem much easier: fire the one who is always failing, hire a new and energetic sales person, believe the “restarting a new mindset is better than fixing a decaying one” concept and save costs by hiring someone for less.


Reason being is that firing ANYONE is a business hazard for 3 reasons:

  1. You Actually Waste Money
  • Firing someone means you need to (by law) compensate at least 2 weeks up to 2 months’ salary. And also in long term, you need to invest more to find and hire a new person to train.
  1. Time to Train & Invest
  • When you fire someone, you need to replace them and the newbies won’t have as high of an output as the previous did which may take a long time to readjust.
  1. Sales Gaps
  • During the time you find a replacement, sales is either slowed down or put on a halt because there is no one to attend to your current clients. There may be a temporary takeover of accounts but it would take up other people’s time and that slows down your sales process entirely.

Investigate The Cause

Instead of firing people or “force” them to resign, you should instead fix the very root cause of the problem: why are they failing and not fixing themselves? Is it the lack of selling skills? Is it the wrong approach that makes your clients feel disengaged at the get-go? Is it the negative mindset and no motivation to chase the sale? Is it their productivity that lacks quality or speed?

To fire anyone at all is the worst of the worst case scenario and should never be considered. So before you fall unto that option, do your absolute best as a leader to fix the problem.

Think Outside The Box

For sales people, the very core of their belief is the money earned! But as a leader, you must identify the “Why” of your sales people because money is just the medium for your sales force to have a better and easier life.

Sales Ninja always taps into the mind of every sales person and find out their “Why”. Once you do, you can leverage that to reinforce the mindset to chase sales again because they know that this brings them more money!

Skillsets are just as important as a strong and positive mindset. You can be the most motivated person in the world but without skills, you can’t make it. If your sales people are lacking the skills, take the time to teach them some new skills or train them on the secret techniques of approach, key words to use and psychological tricks.

Sales Training For ALL Levels

Sales is an arduous and non-stop journey. Even the most experienced and senior sales heads can lose track of what they can do or capable of doing. Sales Ninja has not only trained but transformed the sales departments of multiple companies across the industries.

Because we know full well that if a person has to be fired, something in particular is wrongly done or lacking thereof. And often, it is the management themselves that is doing the wrong things and needs to be reshaped in order to function effectively.

If you find that your people face these types of challenges even during normal times, then Sales Ninja has the perfect solution for you. Click HERE to reach out to us and our Senior Solutions Manager will get in touch with you with the speed of a ninja!

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