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Looking to learn selling skills in Malaysia? Then you’ve reached the right place. But before we move on to selling skills, let me share with you a short story of Grandmaster Hanzo that happened during lunch.

Here’s how it went.

Grandmaster Hanzo ordered fried rice for lunch and requested for 2 sausages to be added into the plate. Worker said “OK OK” and left. When the fried rice was served, there were no sausages.

When asked, the worker looked blur and it seems like he didn’t know what we are talking about. Then another worker came to find out what’s wrong and Grandmaster Hanzo had to explain again. Finally after getting the story right, the sausages arrived.

This sounds like a normal thing that commonly happens in a restaurant right? But if you are a sales person, there are important lessons here.

What Went Wrong?

Problem: the worker did not understand the request but pretended like he did. In sales when you fail to understand the demands and requests of your buyer and start working on it, both parties are on the losing side.

When you submit the WRONG product to your buyers, they are going to be angry, disappointed and furious. It did not meet their requirements and they have wasted time waiting and been given a wrong product.

As a result, you have to redo the whole product again and in this process, you lose:

– Your time
– Your resources
– Buyer’s trust
– Buyer’s time

What Should Have Been Done

The worker should have tried to get the information right instead of pretending to understand. If you have doubt, probe more to get the full requirements of the buyer and at the end, summarize the requirements from the buyer to confirm if the information you got is correct.

The correct information will get you closer to closing a sale. A buyer hates waiting and a wrong proposal or wrong product delivery is not helping you in building rapport and gaining trust.  At Sales Ninja, we emphasize on being fast and efficient.

How Sales Ninja Can Help You

Are you fed up of attending lots of boring sales training that does not make any impact on you? Do you want unconventional sales training techniques?

Sales Ninja is what you are looking for. Sales Ninja uses unconventional Sales Techniques and psychological tricks to get buyers to like you and then trains you to close a sale fast and efficient but most importantly, win negotiations by not bowing down to buyer’s demands of discounts after discounts.

Sales Ninja trainings are designed for sales people who want to close sales fast with unconventional methods.

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