Selling In Tough Times by Sales Ninja 2018

Selling In Tough Times by Sales Ninja 2018

“Desperate times calls for desperate measures.”

Words we have heard from time in memorial. But these words mean differently to Sales Ninja especially when we are after sales.  Almost unanimously (as sales people), we always face times where we thought, “this is just not possible”. The timing of delivery, the execution stage, the closing of the sales and most especially, the targets needed to be hit that just keeps climbing every quarter and every year.

In the sales line, this kind of mindset will happen to absolutely anyone (save for some managers that set up the targets in the 1st place). But the reality is that this is all just in the head and sales is actually very much possible. But how and why would we say that?


The Mind of the Warrior

In Sales Ninja, we believe that the mind of the warrior is what sets a good sales person apart from the bad ones. If you do not have the proper mindset and motivation, then you will not have the heart to chase the sale. For a long time, sales people has had it on a more passive scale: sales are coming in smoothly, inquiries are bountiful and little stress to worry about.

But then the financial crisis happened and sales in Malaysia hasn’t been the same since. Major competitors, economy slowed and inflation has broken many sales people into quitting the job and ultimately believing themselves as failures in the sales line.


Mastering the Skills

A majority of sales people knows their product well enough to sell it but what they don’t know (most of the time) is the approach, the negotiation stages and the method to close the sale. Our public program, How to Sell in Tough Times, teaches you on the methods of selling regardless of what industry you’re from.

We focus on the most fundamental methods of sales which are:


  1. Referrals

Getting your current clients to refer their clients or friends to you and vice versa


  1. Cold calling

Live calling in the training itself to call your cold leads and practice trial and error on the spot.


  1. Networking

How to approach potential clients at any events you attend.


  1. Internet Mastery

Using the power of Linkedin to hunt anyone you want in the corporate world.


  1. Closing Strategies

How to properly close the sales and leave it to open interpretation.



The Way of the Ninja

What Sales Ninja is most proud of is our approach to enhance and empower the mind as well as the spirit. Our activities touch into your deepest desires and rekindle you to the Ninja spirit so that you may leave to be more motivated to chase the sales!

From our ways, you will learn experience unconventional selling techniques, outclass your competitors without throwing price, build better rapport and relationships with your customers, have confidence in yourself and never throwing in the towel so easily and most importantly; become a better sales person!

The life of a sales person is never an easy one. We at Sales Ninja knows this better than anyone because we, too, have come a long way. Click here to find out more of what’s in store during our public programs and click here to join us!

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