Sales Training Using Psychological Tricks

Sales Training Using Psychological Tricks

Here, Sales Ninja will teach you the art to MIND CONTROL your prospects. This is useful for people who want to know how to get what you want without pushing too hard for it.

Sales Ninja is one of Asia’s fastest growing and most inpactful Sales Training in Malaysia and we will show you how we use unconventional methods to make people do what you want them to do, without intimidation and without concession.

There are six major psychological tricks that you can exercise to create a situation in which people will be more eager to buy from you. These strategies include

  • Condition

Place a condition on your prospect’s statements. For example, you could say ” I will supply X to you when you…” That way you maintain a degree of power and will be less likely to be taken advantage of.

  • Primacy Effect

This training is important for those who want to change a person’s perspective on a person or situation. For example, ” John is jealous, brave and intelligent”. You immediately think of him as a jealous person, despite his positive traits. Sales Ninja realize that this psychological trick can be used effectively when you know how to creatively word your sentences.

  • Linking

Linking is rather manipulative but highly, HIGHLY successful strategy. This sales training will teach you to connect your product or service to good feelings your prospect has about entirely separate events. What you want to do is have them re-experience a past victory like a vacation or perhaps, their childhood. When they are recalling good things, they may point in one direction within the room. What you want to do is position yourself in a manner that makes you enter this positive space which they have pointed at. Subconsciously your prospect will link you to the positive feelings he is experiencing as he points in that direction.

For example, if your prospect begins saying ” I met this really nice guy the other day” and begins gesturing to the left, a trained Sales Ninja will steal that space to link himself to the positive feelings. this works vice-versa. Avoid the space if the prospect is referring to a negative event.

  • Control

People like to be in control of their lives. We like knowing the outcome and we shy away from unfamiliar circumstances. What you need to do is make your customers feel as though they are in control, have power over the situation. For example, money-back guarantees leave the customer in control. Remember, a customer with fewer worries is one that is more apt to do business.

  • Scarcity

Establishing a perceived scarcity is a great way to make customers want to buy! Supply goes down, demand goes up. Make your offers limited in quantity, limited time, limited space..etc.

If you are selling yourself as a product, use the same tactic by informing that your schedule is full. Do not be afraid to let others know what a busy (interpreted as important) person you are.

  • Reciprocity

This sales training is essentially asking someone to do you a favor in exchange for something you did for them. It is important that you should voluntary do something for them first. Most people will feel obligated and willing to help you out. One subtle way that might trigger a reciprocal response is by giving them gifts like chocolates, free pens, calendars or product samples. This makes them feel special.

That’s it. Use these Sales Ninja Psychological Tricks to massively increase your sales. All these tricks will not intimidate or scare your customers as these are mind tricks!

You will be surprised to find how your prospects change and respond to you better after you implement these tricks. A prospect that opens up to you and sees you positively will ultimately result in a higher chance for a sale.

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