Sales Service And How Good Are You At It?

When it comes to servicing the clients, especially after sales, it takes a whole different level of grit and willpower to provide the best of your abilities which can be emotionally and physically draining. This is for all the customer service fellas out there that has faced the detrimental task of dealing with angry and happy customers after closing the deals.

Now, if an after-sales service is part of your job scope to ensure your clients will give you repeat sales and continually keep a strong rapport, then this article should resonate well with you. But if your sales people also must tend to the clients long after the deed is paid off and done, then this article will serve as good lesson and preview of what’s to benefit from servicing their patrons.

What Happens When It’s Not Your Fault?

You have successfully sold yourself and your product/service to the customer so its high time that you deliver on your promises. However, there will be times that someone in your company may have crossed a few lines here and there and you are directly affected by it.

In times like those, its important for you to apologize on your colleague’s or company’s behalf. Put into them a sense of understanding even if you didn’t do anything wrong, sympathy and empathy can go a long way to keep the favor of your clients.

Being Accountable

The best of services are those who are willing to take the additional steps for the client. This includes taking accountability for the actions of others to get the job done. That includes you saying convincing statements like:

  1. I will speak to my managers about this for you.
  • Instead of, “This is my manager’s number YOU can call”.
  1. I will have someone from the relevant departments to call you back.
  • Instead of, “This is the customer service center office number that YOU can call”.
  1. I will call you back regarding this matter as soon as possible.
  • Instead of, “YOU can call back during our working hours”.

Being accountable means that you take it upon yourself to fulfill the client’s needs even if the client isn’t even your client.

Always Giving Solutions

This is especially effective towards angry clients, you know, the kind that gets triggered so easily when they don’t get what they want and believe in “I paid for the service, so you should give me regardless”.

Solutioning is probably the trickiest of all the other traits because admittedly, you cannot promise things you have no authority over and 70% of the time is usually about offering a solution you can’t fulfill. Communication and rapport are important to avoid a conflict especially when you need to fix a problem you may not have 100% support on.

The Importance Of Sales Service

Great customer service gives you an armor to protect against price wars and customer loyalty. Sales Ninja service is people skills. Most companies expect their team to provide great service to their customers but are the team trained in giving the expected outcome?

Providing a Sales Ninja Service is not merely a motto, but it’s delivered through actions to the customers and that comes with great amount of training in philosophy, strategies and tactics.

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