Sales Presentation Made Easy Using These Simple Methods

Sales Presentation Made Easy Using These Simple Methods

Are there situations where you need to present your products or services to a group of clients in a meeting room? In an ideal case, you want a deal to be closed on-the-spot.

Here, we’ll share with you a few simple #methods to ensure you are ready for your next #sales #presentation.

 Who is in the meeting?

It’s tempting to just meet the executives and hope that they present the idea to their boss. That way, you don’t have to deal with the hardcore bosses who might grill you during the presentation.

Unfortunately, that’s not effective.

You need to have the decision maker in the room. Without the decision maker, there is absolutely no way to close the sale during the sales presentation. You need them there to decide. So, the next time you set a presentation, make sure the decision maker is present.

#Building #rapport

So now you have successfully set the presentation with the decision maker and the rest of the clients. Its time to build rapport.

Building rapport creates an instant connection between you and your client. Naturally, you rather buy from someone you feel comfortable with. This is why rapport is important.

Simple things like car, sports, kids, clothes can easily be a strategy to build rapport with your client.

#Sell #benefits

Don’t spend most of your time talking about your company profile and general information. Instead, spend your time talking about how you can solve their problems. That’s why the clients are there in the first place -they are just interested to know how you can solve their problems.

Prepare for objections 

There will definitely be objections heading your way during or after the presentation.  Learning how to tackle their objections effectively will convince them to buy your product even more.

In any objection, one method is to sell your USP using People, Product, Service or Source. Familiarise yourself with your product and use your USP to differentiate your product with your competitors.

Buying signal

Halfway through, your clients may be eager to buy. They start throwing you hints through words or even body language. Learn to catch these signals. If you missed these signals, you might continue blabbering on and missed the opportunity to close the sale on the spot.  

Sales presentation may sound scary but with these simple methods and with enough practice, it will be easier to close the sale during the presentation itself. If you would like personalised help on how to prepare a proper presentation and learn how to tackle objections unique to your products and services, we can help you. Contact us here.

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