Sales Force Training Malaysia

Sales Force Training Malaysia

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Do you train your sales force to make lots of cold calls and appointments but somehow they are not achieving their sales target you have set for them? Why won’t the appointments close sales anymore? Now the question is, how do you train your sales force now?

Sales people are crucial to generate revenue for the company. They are the front liners and without a good sales person, you lose profits, deals and revenues.

So, the solution is pretty obvious. Sales people need to know how to sell!

Some sales people are confident and energetic that they can close lots of sales by making lots of cold calls and go for hundreds of appointments and then assume that sales will just be closed by itself. Yes, cold calling and appointments are important, but that is just not it. Sales won’t close by itself most of the time.

Wrong selling techniques will spoil the deal. If you are good at setting appointments, great. But, what you need is to know how to sell.

Here we will share with you the Sales Ninja MASTER techniques:

(M)eet People
(A)sk Questions
(S)ell Benefits
(T)ackle Objections
(E)ncourage To Buy
(R)elationship Building

Meet People

When you meet your prospects, you need to know how to built rapport. You might fail if you start to hard sell the moment you meet your prospect. First impression is important, if your prospect likes you, it is easier for you to get that sale closed.

Ask Questions

How do you know if what you are selling meets what your prospect needs? That’s why asking specific questions and probing is important. It is important to ask the right questions that will lead into the prospect’s need.

Sell Benefits

Now that you know what the prospect really need, how do you sell benefits of your product? How would your product solve their problems?

Tackle Objections

There will most likely be objections thrown by the prospect from the products you offer. Things like ” It’s so expensive”, “Your competitor is much cheaper”, “If I’m interested, I’ll call you”, and many more! So, be prepared for these objections and learn how to tackle them. An effective method that Sales Ninja use is AHA which is Acknowledge, Handle and Ask.

Encourage To Buy

Now that you have tackled most of your prospect’s objections, here’s where you go in for the kill! Close the sale. But, be prepared for price negotiation. Buyers will always ask for discount. Sales Ninja TACTICS specializes on negotiation training which trains you and your sales team how to get a win-win situation.

A good negotiation will end with both parties feeling happy. Most of the time, sales people give in too fast to buyer’s demand for discounts. Why? Because sales people are pressured and desperately want to close the sale. The problem with giving to much discount is diminishing profits for the company and the sales person. Sales Ninja TACTICS will train you the Sales Ninja method to negotiate a win-win deal.

Relationship Building

Once the deal is successfully closed, that’s not the end of the story.

How do you continue to build relationship with your buyer to secure future deals? Relationship building is important for a long term business deal.


MASTER is the whole sales cycle to close a sale. This is important for all sales people to know because once this technique is mastered, you will see more sales closure which translate into more profits!

It is not just cold calls and appointments. Cold calls and appointment is good to create opportunities, but once the opportunity is present, it is crucial to know how to get that sale.

Sales Ninja MASTER Training is the training for all sales people to learn unconventional method to close sales. It covers the whole sales cycle from meeting the prospects, asking and probing effective questions, selling benefits of your products, tackling those harsh objections, encourage prospects to buy and negotiation of price and finally relationship building.

Sales Ninja MASTER is perfect for sales people who want unconventional methods to close sales. We train using proven, practical and effective methods to get deals closed!

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