Quick Way To Get People You Don’t Know Wanting More From You

You would naturally think that people who don’t know you don’t want anything from you. It’s true in that sense. But, it’s an entirely different story if you were being referred to by someone. Referrals are an important factor in your business, sales or other services that you are providing. It immediately gives you credibility by the referrer.

So, how do you get referrals from people that have not used your products or services before? This sales training will show you how Sales Ninja gets referrals.

  1. Put a link to your website in every possible way. Emails, SMS, printed materials, forums, facebook, always include your link. 
  2. Does your entire lineage knows what you do? It is important that your uncle, cousins or people around you know what you do. Your friends are important too. They can help referring your business to other people they know.
  3. Blogging. If you can write, do it. But if you are terrible in English or in any other language, it is best to avoid blogging for now. You do not want to be a laughing stock. But if you are successful in blogging, include your links in your blog and strangers who read your blog will get referred to your website, page.. etc.
  4. Give free seminar. If you have public speaking skills, this is a good one. You get face time with people to build rapport and credibility. I have given sales talks or sales trainings in public events and it helps a lot. There was once when I was giving a talk in an entrepreneur seminar, one lady walked up to me and referred me to her boss and then a training deal was closed. Talk about fast referrals. You can talk about topics you are good at. And yes, you do need to be good at speaking to large groups. Being attractive is important too. No, I do not mean traits that you are born with. There are other ways to be attractive, the Sales Ninja way.
  5. Go for networking events. Attend as many networking events as possible. That’s how you get to know others and get referred by others. Maybe the person you are speaking with doesn’t need what you have but maybe they can refer you to someone they know needs it. Networking events are powerful tools as it expands your horizon. You are exposing yourself to others. That’s how you are referred by strangers.
  6. Online link exchange. You can approach other people with websites or blogs and ask them if they want to exchange a link with you. Meaning that when people visit their sites, they can see your link and vice versa. This is also known as a referral technique. But, do ensure you have good contents on your site or else no one would want to refer you.
  7. Do something unconventional. This is one of my favorites because if you have seen my name card, you’ll know what I mean. It is not surprising when people go
    WOW!” after seeing my name card. I was at a networking event and gave a guy my name card. He shouted”WOW! Hey guys, come over, you got to see this!”. Really, he actually shouted. This is a referral process in action. He had just referred me to his buddies.

There you go. 7 practical ways to get referred by people you do not know. Let’s see your numbers flying after this. Referral is effective as it gives you more credibility.

-Sales Ninja

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