Medicine is the key source of keeping a firm health and the prime tool of doctors in their everyday work. And whatever that needs to be used daily can be sold and purchased.

But what are the main key points for you to have to sell properly to doctors and practitioners who literally have no time to see you? (unless you’re sick).

Time Spent Wisely

Doctors or Medical Officers (MO) will rarely have the spare time in the clinics and hospitals. You either must meet the doctors as they are on their way to their next patient or wait for your turn to see them.

So in between that time, as a sales person, you should not just spend time on your phone. Speak to the other waiting patients waiting in line and get to know them better. Learn about what ails them or the frequency of visits; this gives you an idea on what the key points to touch when speaking with the doctor.

Confidence is Key

Just like any sales person, confidence must always be shown. When you visit a new clinic or hospital, your visage must always look professional. Having the right look helps boost your own confidence during a presentation.

Build Rapport

Building rapport is the biggest key to success and that needs articulate research on who to approach and can build a sustainable relationship.

As a sales rep, you must study your clients as well as the type of patients they cater to maximize effect of selling the right drugs.

It is also important to note that nurses can play a key role into getting your drugs bought and your name recommended for restocking of certain drugs.

Sales is Not Rocket Science

Although the people that made the drugs are scientists, they are not sales people. To sell drugs or medical equipment, you must be able to sell the benefits of your drugs.

Even paracetamol needs to be pitched properly so that you can be more appealing compared to your competitors. Just be careful not to oversell your product or you would do more harm than good to the consumer which, in turn, can affect your client.

The Sales Ninja Approach

With the new SST is approaching, industries across the board are expected to spend less. So, until then, during this period of free tax, you should take advantage by selling as fiercely and as often as you can! Sales Ninja can train you and your team on how to sell with honour, dignity and confidence to ANY clients, new and old.

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