One Junk Food A Day Does Not KILL YOU!

Junk food is like habits. The more you eat it the more it eats you. Habits come from practice. Procrastination is a habit. When ever someone needs to do something and he doesn’t, that’s practicing procrastination and that becomes a habit. When ever a sales person needs to ask for the order and he doesn’t, that’s practicing hesitation and that becomes a habit. After a while, their closing skills suck. And the root cause is identified!

Every once a while we eat junk food and that’s ok, it’s enjoyable. But would you eat junk food everyday for the rest of your life? Actually, some people would, but hey, most will not. So if you will not load junk food into your body everyday then why practice junk practices everyday? In Sales Ninja Warrior (a sales motivation breakthrough program), i talk about “when ever you feel like giving up, that’s the best time to continue!”. You see, one of the codes of the Sales Ninja is Commitment, it means getting things done regardless how painful it is or how tough it is, you persist and get things done because you are committed. Imagine you and your entire sales force practicing Commitment in everything that you all do? What would that do to your sales performance?

So begin practicing Commitment with yourself and then instill that to your sales team. What would happen if you do not?

The sales director of a client of mine had a best practice of following up on the minutes of meeting within 24 hours. Meaning after you meet a client, you return to your office, you need to send a summary of that meeting within 24 hours. The very first time i’ve met them, i came back and send the buying committee the summary. The sales director was so impressed that he forwarded my email to all his sales leaders (cc-ed me) that they should all do the same thing. My guess is this, the sales leaders themselves are not practicing the 24 hour MOM practice, would the sales team practice it? Not in a thousand years. That’s one junk food for the team. And eating this junk food for years result in lots of problems.

Practice the right things today!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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