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Are you looking for the best negotiation training in Malaysia? Negotiation can be a crucial part in determining a profit or a loss in a deal. Sometimes a wrong decision may cause a loss in profits for that project that you’ve just closed.

Before we move on, do you or your sales team fall into one of this categories?

– Constantly get buyers who force you to give more discounts after discounts

– Buyers threatens to go to a competitor

– Your sales person frequently calls you to ask if you can give the buyer a better discount

– Buyer refuses to talk to your sales person asks him to call you to get a better discount even if the best discount has been given already

– Buyer slams the table and says “If you don’t give me this price, GET OUT!”

– You get really nervous and panicky when buyer gives you pressure and threats about moving to your competitor

– You have not choice but to sell at a very low price just to keep the customer

– You are selling at a loss

and more!

These are common tactics used by buyers to get the lowest price from sales people. In sales, the more discounts you give to the buyer, the less profit you and your company make. Buyers know that if they pressure and bully the sales person more, eventually the sales person will give in to their demands.

Can You Relate To This?

What happens when you or your sales person are forced to give in to the buyer? What are the negative effects that will come after that? Here are some of them:


When you come out of a sour deal, it is normal to feel horrible that you have been bullied by an unreasonable buyer. No one likes to be bullied. Most sales people will be affected by this and they might hold on to this grudge for a very long time.

Target Can’t Be Achieved

Sales targets are measured by revenue. The more and more discounts you give will lower your revenue which will make it harder for you to achieve your target. Sales people who can’t achieve their targets consistently will be given warning letters and will eventually forced to leave. A high turnover rate for a company does not reflect well on the company’s image.

Buyers Will Ask For More

If you give in to the buyer this time, buyers will continue to ask for more each time. This is very common as the buyer knows that you need this sale and they will press you for a discount each time they purchase something from you.

How Should A Good Negotiation Go?

If you can relate any of the symptoms above, don’t worry. Here are some great tips you can use when you see your buyer the next time.

Calm Down

One of the reasons sales people give in quickly because they are pressured. Emotions start taking control when buyer threatens to move to a competitor or starts getting aggressive. When someone is emotional, it is hard to think logically so most of the time sales person will either give  more discounts, get offended and be defensive, or be stunned.

Sell Benefits

If the buyer keeps comparing you with your competitor, don’t immediately counter and put the competitor down. Learn to listen, probe more and finally sell benefits of your products.

Sometimes when sales people are given hard objections, they tend to immediately answer the buyer and defend their products. This is not effective. Learn to handle objections professionally and you will close that sale easier.

Both Feel Good

A good negotiation will end in both parties feeling good. This is the ultimate goal of every sales person. The result of a good negotiation is the buyer getting a good deal, the sales person gets a good commission and good relationship is built between both the buyer and seller for future deals.

This is What You Need

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The tips given above are useful during a negotiation, but how do you effectively use it?

Sales Ninja TACTICS is a Brown Belt negotiation training specially designed for sales people to use unconventional and psychological techniques to negotiate and win the deal. This training is perfect for sales professionals who want a different approach to negotiation and master the ultimate art to control their emotions during a heated negotiation.

Sales Ninja TACTICS have been attended by hundreds of sales professionals ranging from sales executives, managers to directors. If you are looking for the *BEST* negotiation training, then Sales Ninja TACTICS is what you need

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