Lessons to Learn from CNY Gatherings

Lessons to Learn from CNY Gatherings

Happy Year of the Pig from Sales Ninja! And like every year, there is the family gatherings where everyone comes under one roof to celebrate the annual red festivities with a good meal, LOTS of ang pau and “constructive” conversations.

It is always an amazing thing when it comes to gatherings like these especially when you meet a relative that you only once a year or if at all… the stories that they bring (as well as yourself) can be either uplifting, filled with its own merits and value or downplayed due to a plethora of reasons.

 New Year, New Stories

For every friend, new or old; relatives from the golden age or the current ones, there is always a story to be had any not all of them implies a happy ending. For instance, there are those whom you’ve met and couldn’t believe that success would come their way as they were initially viewed as lazy, incompetent or just a downright inactive type of people. And vice-verse for people who you initially viewed as would-be successful due to their mindset, intelligence and hard-working attitudes.

CNY can show us many surprises to learn that the successful ones come from the initially lazy and counter-productive and the ones on the losing end comes from those who were once seen as “heroes of the next generation”.

While hard work, determination, motivation and skill will definitely go into your favorable odds, there are those who can get lucky enough if you have are in the right place and at the right time.

Never Underestimate or Overestimate Yourself

In the sales world, many skilled individuals tend to underestimate themselves. They believe they do not have what it takes to be the best thus putting themselves in a mental cage. And then, there are those who lack skill but overestimates their own abilities as well as becoming overconfident in their own outcome. CNY has shown that peoples lives can change be it for better or for worse.

It is alright to be humble or have a brag here and there but too much and you will have an OPPOSITE story to tell next year with you on the losing end…

Mindset and Motivation

Every year, new lessons and values somehow affects the way we think, they way we feel and even the ways we look at the world. But for the better part, our mindset should change especially if we wish to see another prosperous year. 2019 is in its first few steps and we will need every form of motivation to keep us pushing further and further into success.

Sales Ninja wishes you all a Happy Chinese New Year and may 2019 be as prosperous for you as 2018 was for Sales Ninja!   

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