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Are you here because you are looking for ways to transform your under performing sales team? With an effective leadership training, you can! Sales Ninja SHOGUN is created for Leadership Training in Malaysia.

The common problem with most sales team is that when they are under performing and not hitting their targets, the company goal is affected, benefits are slashed, and over time  everyone gets demotivated.

It is not always the problem with the sales people. Sometimes you get sales people who are motivated and full of energy. But even with that passion, they still can’t hit their goals. Does this sound familiar?

What is Sales Ninja SHOGUN

Shogun = A Japanese word that means commander/general/ruler/leader

Sales Ninja SHOGUN is a training specially designed for the sales management using the Ninjutsu philosophy – the ancient warrior martial arts practiced by the Ninjas.

Why Is This Program Important To You?

Shoguns are the *KEY*engaging and inspiring talent to reach higher levels of performance. In today’s business environment, being a heroic shogun-ship, a person who does it all by himself…is unsustainable.

A Shogun with a successful sales team generally perform at high level and have significant contribution to their organization. Shoguns need to answer their employees’ most challenging question, “Why should I follow you?”. As a Shogun, you need to live up to a higher standard of codes and principles to ensure the people around you as well.

Why Should You Attend?

Sales Ninja is a specialist

Sales Ninja specializes in training sales department only because we understand what challenges sales people and leaders face and our trainings are designed around real-world situations by equipping sales people and leaders with practical skills and solid ideas rather than a bunch of mumbo jumbo theories.

What You Will Get After The Sales Ninja SHOGUN Training

You will get our 10 Shogun Success System:

1. Goals – What kind of goals are you giving?
2. Strategy – How are you planning to achieve your goals?
3. Resources – Are your resources in place and ready to achieve your goals?
4. Obstacles – What do you do when obstacles come, like earthquake, haze or etc?
5. Communication – How are you communicating with your team?
6. Motivation – Are you motivating your team correctly?
7. Analyze – Find out whether the team is doing right or wrong
8. Improvement – How do you improve the situation?
9. Celebration – Go for a feast! Celebrate with your team!
10. New Goals – It is time to restart the whole cycle again


If you are serious about changing your management style, sales team and sales culture, then you need to look for a training provider who is serious about training. That is why Sales Ninja is the best choice for you because our Grandmaster Hanzo is passionate about sales, has lots of real life experience in sales. On top of that, Sales Ninja is all about unconventional methods and psychological techniques.

Sales Ninja understands current sales challenges. Sales Ninja actively work with dozens and hundreds of sales managers, sales directors, VP of sales and GM of sales to help them build a better sales organization. With our vast experience in training sales people and leaders, you can trust that we will produce lots of sales fighters from our training.

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