It All Starts With Nescafe’

It All Starts With Nescafe’

There is not a single Malaysian that doesn’t know the Nescafe’ coffee brand and if you haven’t, well, here is a quick introduction about the coffee mix.

Nescafe’ is a coffee mix from Nestle which has been around from 1938. Their brand stands out well from the rest because of the taste, the aroma and as well as price. For something that has been around for so long, you can be sure that they have some of the most unique selling styles to maximize reach throughout the mass market.

And recently, this happened near the Sales Ninja Headquarters:

Bringing the Sale To Customer

Since Nestle doesn’t have a retail shop of their own, they decided to bring the sale to the customer. With the food truck, they immediately brought the product to the masses:

But this may prove to be more promotional than direct selling as the food truck itself didn’t stay long enough to amass a long waiting line before moving unto the next location.

Lesson to Learn

Food trucks are but a vessel. The key lesson here is to bring your product straight to the customer when being stationary doesn’t yield enough results.

1. Be Proactive

For all sales people, you must never wait for the sales to come to you. Be proactive and take your product straight to the buyer!

2. Know Your Target Market

Nescafe took their food truck to Subang Empire so they knew their target market here would be mid to upper-class buyers. Be it B2B or B2C sales, you should always know who your target market is to maximize your chances of closing more sales

3. Be Everywhere

To make your presence known to the market, go to all places especially where people gather by the thousands. Even for B2B, go to public conferences, networking sessions and programs to establish your presence and your brand.

With this method, you can directly sell ANY product you have at ANY time, ANYWHERE! All that is left is perseverance and your determination to empty that truck for every sale you can grab!

The Sales Ninja Approach

The new SST is approaching, and people are expected to spend less after that. So, until then, during this period of free tax, you should take advantage by selling as fiercely and as often as you can! Click HERE to register with us today so you can learn how to be as out-going and as fierce as Nescafe in a food truck!

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