I was sold before I even entered the store. I left with no damage to my bank account…

I was sold before I even entered the store. I left with no damage to my bank account…

Just last week, there’s been a commotion regarding a phone that’s just been launched. It’s a smartphone with the BEST camera ever created!

Now, it’s been 4 years since I’ve changed mine and naturally, there’s nothing that draws my curiosity more than “a smartphone with the BEST camera”. I’ve spent a lot of my time taking photos and videos for work purposes and as you can guess, my 4 year old phone isn’t the best when it comes to this.

So I head to my nearest telco provider and hey! The phone’s there. I picked it up and decided to test it out. The salesperson then came up to me asking if I need help? Of course!




The more I ask, the less willing I am to make a decision there and then. That’s not supposed to be the case as I’ve already decided to get it before I step into the store.

I am plain HORRIFIED by how the salesperson actually answered me. To be honest, it’s nothing to do with the answers (answers were fine) but rather, the tone and the look on her face!

Dreadful tone with a SOUR face!

I literally just looked at the phone and continue testing it out. She walked away after realizing that I am no longer paying any attention to her.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being arrogant at that point of time but rather, I was furious with how can anyone not want to close the EASIEST sale ever! I could have screamed at her but decided not to as I’ve been taught not to lose my temper.

Take a deep breath. And leave. With my wallet untouched.


To keep the story short, I went to a different outlet later in the evening.

3 MINUTES. Sold. Take my money!

Same questions. But this time, the salesperson answered in an extremely positive manner with a smile on his face. I felt welcomed. Period.


My point is, regardless of how bad your day was or no matter how many training that you’ve been through, nothing beats when the salesperson welcomes you with a smile on their face, throughout the whole session.

You might not close a sale doing this all the time but you sure gave yourself a BETTER chance of doing so!




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