I Bought a Tumi bag in KLCC and the Sales Person Shocked Me

I Bought a Tumi bag in KLCC and the Sales Person Shocked Me

Recently, I went to Tumi in KLCC to check out a backpack that I have been eyeing for some time. I spotted the bag, and at the same time the sales person approached me.

I asked if there was any promotion. He said not at the moment, but if I buy it now, he thinks he has a leftover Tumi passport holder to give me as a free gift. It sounded good so I paid RM2500 for the backpack and got the passport holder.

A week later, I went to another Tumi outlet in Mid Valley and got shocked when I saw a banner “Spend a min of RM2000 and get a passport holder for free”. I felt tricked that the sales person in KLCC gave me the impression that there wasn’t any promotion running and gave me the passport holder as goodwill.

I was mad.

What do your sales people say to your prospects?

Every sales person wants to close sales. But what methods are they using?

I’ve heard of so many sales people who did not tell the whole truth to customers when pitching but they successfully close sales. But when customers find out that they were duped, the damage was worse, the company had to do provide compensation. Worse still, the company’s reputation was ruined.

Unfortunately, some sales people do that because that’s the only way they know how to sell. The right way to sell is hard work, but if done correctly, high chances are you will get returning customers a possibly referrals. We have designed 6 effective steps for your sales people to close sales here.

What do you do once damage has been done?

After finding out about the promotion, I wrote in to Tumi for an explanation. Within 24 hours, I received a phone call. The Tumi executive over the phone was very apologetic and mentioned that this should not have happened. Additionally, he gave me a complimentary item.

Every company will experience unhappy customers yelling and screaming at them. A good customer service executive will know what to do in this situation and turn an unhappy customer to a satisfied customer.

There are so many cases where the customer service starts getting mad at the angry customer instead of trying to calm them down. That’s definitely one way to lose a customer! We believe that customer service is also as important as closing sales. If you are interested to find out how to transform angry customers to returning customers, find out more here.

Are your other sales people doing it too?

Issues like this can be very frustrating and you might wonder if you are ever going to get a team of top sales people who would hit their targets every month and get happy and returning customers. It won’t be that ideal, however this is not impossible.

An effective leader knows how to grow their sales team to be their dream team. It is definitely possible, but it takes effort. But once you achieve it, you’ll know that this is worth the hard work. A sales leader needs to know how to identity the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Not every sales people are the same and we use MASK (Mindset, Attitude, Skillset, Knowledge) to identify the strength and weakness of a sales person and work from there.

We have proven sales leadership tools designed specifically for sales leaders.  Recently, we have successfully transform a automotive company to increase their sales since 2017 and they have achieved 100% of the sales targets last year.

If you are looking to transform your sales team, talk to us today for an absolutely free consultation (we promise that there are no hidden charges). Contact us here.

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