How to Use Selling Techniques to Deal with Relatives Every CNY

How to Use Selling Techniques to Deal with Relatives Every CNY

“Why are you still single?” says every elder relative ever during every CNY season. It is an old but living tradition where the previous generations ask about our personal well-being which typically involves how our love lives are.

And it doesn’t matter what you say or do, they will never be satisfied with your answer and even if they were, they would just ask again next year. So, how would one overcome this little annual annoyance?

Four A’s: Acknowledge

Like every first sales pitch, you acknowledge the question.

“Thank you for your concern” or “It’s great you should ask that”

The acknowledgement puts the question immediately to rest as you tackle that particular question directly, hence they won’t ask another one in an unrelated topic. Just like in sales, your presentation must be on a single point and keep that single conversation so as to not stray off topic.

Four A’s: Ask

After acknowledging the question, throw one in return. This keeps the single conversation going, like:

“How about your son/daughter? Are they available/single?”

The Ask forces them to answer to this one line of questioning to divert them from asking anything beyond other than your marital status. In every sales pitch, you need to ask questions about the client’s problems and progress.

Four A’s: Answer

IF your relatives are still persistent, give them a convincing answer. In the sales line, clients will continue to ask near unsolvable questions and your answers must be convincing to satisfy their inquiry.

“It’s not about being in a relationship, it’s about being in one at the right time” or something down the line.

The perspective answer is only meant to satisfy your relative’s inquisitiveness and an answer like the above would help a great deal in that respect. Sometimes, its not even the answer that they want but it’s something to sate their curiosity (at least until next year)

Four A’s: Ask for Close

To be more precise, this is more of a closing statement but do so in a way that you request this conversation be over. A statement like the below can help plenty:

If I ever get married, I will definitely invite you.”

An answer like the above will, for the most part, end the conversation swiftly and without prejudice. Of course, not every answer must be EXACTLY like the above but in near similar fashion to help you tackle all of those elder relatives (or the extra inquisitive ones) questions and objections.

It is never easy to speak with people like these but ultimately, they are family and they need to be talked to like family. Only this time, you have a few sales tricks to even your odds instead of the usual silent stutter.

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