How To Sell More Hotel Rooms And Conference Halls

How To Sell More Hotel Rooms And Conference Halls

Hotels and resorts are full of selling potential but, sadly, are not being wholly used. Many sales people make the mistake of just focusing on one type of selling method to chase and close sales when there are MULTIPLE ways to acquire new clients and closing the sale.

Below are Sales Ninja’s tips on selling more hotel rooms, conference halls and increase your F&B sales.

Selling to Businesses and Functions

Cold-calling is the kick-off method of any sales force but something that the hotel line doesn’t practice often. Many in the business prefer to “account management” style whereby they contact current or previous clients for repeated business. Your opener and pitch must be convincing over the phone to persuade them to meet you.

Set Up Appointments to meet clients face to face. Physical presence offers more appealing power, no matter how good you are over the phone. Your presentation skills must possess good body language, proper wording that induces a psychological response and beautifully-laid slides.

When face to face, you can fully explain the difference between your hotel and others, the uniqueness of your service and negotiate a favorable price. Only this method will give you a higher chance to close the sale!

How To Keep Repeated Customers

If you are from a 3-star or 4-star hotel, how do you fight against 5-star competitors that have a better reputation and a much better premise than yours? Customer service is your answer. The one thing that no resort or hotel anywhere can ever perfect is customer service. Reputable hotels, although just as professional, all suffer a share of shortfalls when it comes to customer service. Although the abilities and performance of the hotel staff is out of your control, your own rapport with the client can be the very difference between a one-time sale and a repeated one.

It also helps that you target certain companies to retain a long-term relationship with. “Certain” meaning that companies that are in your immediate vicinity for face-to-face meetings and easier access to and fro for that particular company. An easy example would be and Prescott Inn because they are quite literally right next to each other.

B2B Sales Training for Hotels

Sales Ninja have trained numerous hotel sales reps to successfully sell their services with great efficiency. So long as it is sales, no industry is immune to stiff competition, tough markets, a slowing economy, demotivated peers and pressure from all sides. Sales Ninja has the perfect solution for you and your team to overcome any challenges in the hospitality industry.

With Sales Ninja, you can learn:

  • How to defend your price against competitors
  • How to change your mindset from a “worrier” to a “warrior”
  • How to do a proper sales presentation
  • How to tackle and handle objections from every level of decision maker

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