Companies everywhere will have a mass order of hardware for their operations and staff. You have many products and services to offer but many face the issue of clients “not having the needs”. If you notice, the companies do not favour any specific brands and only use the ones with the best quality.

But how do you get in touch to these companies to sell to them? Sales Ninja knows the way.

Account Management

When it comes to selling hardware in bulk to businesses, knowing who you are serving and what products to approach with makes a lot of difference.

Identifying who you should speak to, find out what type of products and service the client prefers, what devices your client uses the most and the functions for various departments are the fundamental keys in account management.

Rapport Building

TRUST! That is the point of rapport building to gain as much info from the client without even asking for it. By building proper rapport, you can get specific and crucial information by asking even the simplest of questions.

This takes time, patience and a very careful approach. Don’t rush into it and don’t push just because you want to hit your monthly. Building relationships with the right contact will score you more deals.

Push Value, Not Price

Whether you are selling printers, computers, hardware or software; you must ALWAYS sell value. What makes your product unique is your key factor to outsell your competitors. Giant and popular brands will always be one of your greatest obstacles, but you must know how to differentiate value or else you will always lose the sale.

Even if your price is cheaper than your competitors, your clients will be highly disinterested because you failed to sell value and you kept pushing for “we are cheaper than other brands”.

Aftersales Service

Why this isn’t customer service and why it’s one of your biggest responsibility:

  1. Should something break down or a client has further questions, it is your job to clarify and respond to them. Although you have a technical and service team, your client’s 1st level of approach will always be you.
  2. A continuous effort of rapport building. If something needs to be added or replaced, you will be the one they talk to. Customer service will only help clarify up to an extent because they do not know the details between yourself and the client.
  3. It shows your integrity as a sales person. In the client’s eyes, you do not simply approach them for sales but also have their interest at heart. So even if you no longer serve the brand, the clients will still remember you for your service.

Consistency Yet Carefully

As mentioned above, everything must be done in the correct timely manner. Call the clients at a wrong time, they will reject you. Follow-up at the right time and you could get a sale on that same day.

The only difference is how to know when you should act and how to do it. Is it by emails? Phone call? Site visit?

Sales Training to Sell IT B2B

Every major brands like Dell, Lenovo, Acer or ASUS has fierce competitors and loses clients to them.

Do you want to know how to approach a new client? The right method for an opener over the phone? How to build rapport so effectively that the client will remember you personally? How to efficiently perform account management and, when is the right time to contact your potentials for follow-ups?

Click HERE to contact us and our Senior Solutions Manager will liaise with you with a fully customizable training program to teach you:

  • HOW to reach the right PIC
  • HOW to effectively perform Account Management
  • HOW to sell VALUE over price
  • HOW to build rapport effectively
  • HOW to perform excellent aftersales service
  • WHEN to reach out to customers throughout different times of the day

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