How To Restart Your Engine After The Holidays

The holidays are just one of the most euphoric times for the working class. However, holidays can also be a deterring factor for the sales department. In sales, to go on holidays would also mean putting a brake on our sales efforts and that puts a slow down on everything; not just sales but also the mindset and pace of the sales process itself.

And the most difficult part would be to pick up oneself after the brakes are put down. Give someone a long enough time and the engine just stops entirely, so how does one restart that engine and get going again from 0 to 100?

Fixing The Mindset In Short Time

Sales people can have a hard time invigorating themselves because of the energy they put out in their work. So, when they put to halt (or even sudden halt) to their chase, it can put a mental strain on them as well. Fixing the mindset to deal with things before and after the holidays can help a lot in the long run.

When one focuses on something at a non-stop pace, it messes up the whole plan and can even affect their physical form. Its different from going on a 2-week vacation and taking a short stop over a 2-day holiday.

Habitual Training & Practice

Sales is all about habits as much as it is about the mindset. One of the best habits to fix would be to marginalize on short term breaks. Most of the holidays in Malaysia only last about a day or 2 so some sales processes and still be continuous despite being off the clock.

You don’t need to connect with your clients “professionally” during this time but just a casual check-in like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or even passing a picture with an inspirational quote in it. Small little habits like these can keep the interested party in line with your own by opening a non-professional dialog that just borderlines personal but at the same time, strictly business.

Perfect Timing Fits

Managing your time schedule is just as crucial as the first 2 factors. You can be concise, motivated and revving up for the next sales prospecting but if your timing is off, then you are doomed to fail from the get-go.

Managing time also means managing expectations for all parties including yourself. When you set a fixed time do any activity like making calls or going out for appointments, your brain is hardwired to follow exactly as you plan. It prepares you for the worse should it happen and anticipate the success when it comes.

Sales Ninja Mindset Training

Your clients will also feel the same when they come back from holidays as they are already expecting to resume business with you and give you the sale that you need (from which they also benefit from).

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