How To Create Urgency So Your Customers Agree To Buy Right Now

How To Create Urgency So Your Customers Agree To Buy Right Now

Every sales person wants a sale to close as fast as possible. But somehow customers tend to delay the purchase and confirmation and it makes the sales process so long. By doing so, they might risk missing a great opportunity and at the same time, you may miss your sales target.

In order for your customers to have the sense of urgency, you need to create it. A skilled sales person can close a sale faster than a regular sales person because he knows how to put the customer is a situation where the customer just feels the urgency to sign it.

Here are a few ways how you can start creating urgency today:

  1. Follow up sooner

Try lessening the interval days of a follow up. It reduces the chance of your product being ‘cold’ and subconsciously it gives the impression to the customer that he needs to take action fast. 

  1. Dates are being taken

If you are a service provider, a good scarcity technique is to tell your customers that dates are being taken up fast. This is especially good if you know your customer has a fixed date that they are keen on. You can also explain to them how fast your dates are being snatched up within days in the past.

  1. Creating the need

Clients sometimes don’t sign up because they don’t see the need to. To them its probably just a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’. Your role is to change that mindset to a ‘need’. Explain how buying your product solves their problems and make life easier for them and what might happened if they don’t.

  1. Show that your product is high in demand

People tend to follow the flock. Meaning if everyone does it, then it must be good. So, a good way would be to tell them that you already sold 10 in the last hour and even yesterday you’ve sold 50. Show them the sales order to prove your point (if you are allowed to).

  1. Tell them why you are helping them in the first place

Your prospects may find your follow up annoying. But they don’t realise that all you are trying to do is to help them. Explain to them again how your product can help them achieve their target like reducing customer complaints or increase their production speed.

  1. Substandard skills

If you are a training provider, one of the common mindset managers have is they don’t see a reason why they need to invest in training their people. “They are going to leave anyway”. But managers don’t see that if they do nothing, they will continue to have a substandard skilled team working for them.

  1. Closing

One very critical skill to learn is closing skills where you know the right moment to get the customer to agree to buy. Some sales people are scared to close because of fear of rejection. But if you know the selling model, you can close any sale.

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