How Excellent Customer Service Won Him More Sales

How Excellent Customer Service Won Him More Sales

I was browsing through my phone’s pictures and I saw this picture I took awhile back.

It was probably months back and it was lunch time. We went to this Sarawak noodle shop in Subang SS15 and it was only our second time here. We ordered our food and waited.

Eventually the hot and tasty food came and we jumped right in to devour it. Midway, we realized something was wrong. Both of our food didn’t taste like how it was described in the menu. We instantly called the waiter and he realized, our bowls were swapped.

The boss quickly came to see what was happening and he apologized repeatedly. He instantly called his waiter and ordered him to bring another dish over. The dish came and he said, it was complimentary.

When you give good service, customers are happy. In our training, we always emphasize on PPSS for you get more sales; Product, People Service, Source which are the unique selling proposition of your company (USP). In this story, it was Service.


Are your products better than your competitors? Does your product have features and benefits that others do not have?


Some sales people are so good that they have loyal customers following them. I recently spoke to a sales promoter in Ripcurl KLCC and he explained that he just joined recently and previously was in Quiksilver KLCC. He had excellent service and he has lots of loyal customers. So his customers continued to buy from him even though he was in a different shop.


Like the story, the boss had excellent service which many other shops do not provide. If you are willing to go an extra mile for your customers, they will love buying from you more because they are happy with your service.


Let’s say you sell chocolates and your chocolates are made from the finest factories in Belgium. That’s your specialty where others only manufacture locally. Or, your products is made in USA instead of China.

In our training, we train sales people on how to use PPSS to win business deals. Even if your competitor has the same USP, your sales people will still be able to skillfully win over your buyers, that’s how many of our clients over achieved their sales target right after our training.

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