How An MMORPG Is Like Selling

How An MMORPG Is Like Selling

MMORPG stands for Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game and is undoubtedly the biggest and most profitable genre of gaming in the history of the world. And this genre is very similar to the selling world, how?

World of Warcraft and Sales Obstacles

World of Warcraft or WOW, for short, is the most popular MMORPG on the planet. The gameplay, the lore, the graphics and style are what makes it one of the most successful game in history. But for me, what makes this game most interesting are the lessons it teaches especially in terms of sales.

World of Warcraft’s raiding event is EXACTLY like selling in tough times. A 25-man raiding party is needed to kill off all the multiple bosses to reach the end goal. Sounds familiar? Not yet?

Challenge, Time, Coordination, Patience & Strategies

Challenge – The raid bosses are the obstacles that every sales person faces: tough clientele. They are hard, ruthless, merciless and they just want to squish you because you are the size of an ant to them. Only your skills and convincing power can overcome them.

Time – If you fight a boss for too long, they would go into berserk mode and your team will wipe out. If you follow-up too many times with the wrong timing and wrong technique, the customer will go berserk, they will stop answering your call and your sale will wipe out.

Coordination – Teamwork, if this word alone isn’t enough then let me explain it to you. Against a boss 10x your size, you need to take it out with a team. Sales people need to work with pre-sales, product team, financial team, logistic team and other departments that need to tackle a 10x customer. The larger the sale, the larger the team coordination needs to be. You don’t want to have sales people closing projects and deals and delivery team failing to deliver.

Patience – In a boss fight, if you move out of pace too quickly or too slowly, you and your team wipes. The same when you pitch and approach clients. If you do it too fast or too late, you lose the sale and your team is affected.

Strategies – Every boss fight has certain mechanics to work out and analyse before you and your team go in for the kill. It’s the same when you approach a new customer; you need to study who their people are, their industry, what they do and their operations and your competitors. Otherwise, you will go in blind and unprepared and lose the sale without question.

How Sales Ninja ALWAYS WINS The Fight

Sales Ninja is no stranger to tough fights. Difficult clients, tough times, poor judgement and skills: every single sales person has these traits. But they can be shaped and moulded to become a Sales Warrior! How do we do this?

At Sales Ninja Public Program, we can train YOU:

Challenge – How to Sell in Tough Times

Time – How to follow-up correctly with your customers.

Coordination – How to apply effective Account Management strategies to ensure the company work together to deliver exceptional sales to your customers.

Patience – How to stay persistent and persevere to win deals and business from your competitors.

Strategies – How to get new clients, protect existing ones from competitors, sell value over price.

You cannot be the best with knowledge from books alone. Perfection and speed come from practice and Sales Ninja practice hardcore and unconventional methodologies that works 94% of the time!

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