How a Writer Failed in Selling

There are millions of sales people in the world. Why do some achieve targets while others struggle? How did the top sales performers get to the top?

I know a writer, a novelist to be exact, who loved to write, who have memorized different writing styles of other authors but failed to make it big even though his passion for fantasy-world writing is indisputable. Unfortunately for him, he does not know the ways to market or sell his book.

Skilled to Write but Not to Sell

The novelist knew how to write well but depended on expensive publishers to market his book. The result was a big fail because the publisher didn’t market his book but only published online and specific bookstores in isolated areas.

Many sales people fail to recognize that 1 marketing channel alone isn’t enough, and you need to be more diverse and proactive to get as much exposure as possible. (E.g. promoting your own products/service through your own social media channels.)

Sales Ninja Mastery

A grave mistake the novelist made was not to pick up any selling or marketing skills. He believed that the single channel publisher would be enough to distribute his work which proved to be very wrong in his case.

These days, the internet and digital marketing knowledge can be acquired and executed easily without the need to depend on expensive services. Through hardcore methodologies and unconventional methods, Sales Ninja has trained many people like this failed novelist on:

HOW to sell ANY product in Tough Times

HOW to brand and market yourself regardless of industry

HOW to maintain motivation and never GIVE UP hope

HOW to convince and sell value of the product/service over price

And many, MANY more!

Who says what is niche cannot be sold or become mainstream? Whatever product or service you have can be marketed and sold if done RIGHT. The novelist had the right goals and product, BUT he did not know the market, the industry or HOW to sell his own book to his peers.

Do not be that lowkey sales person, be a SALES WARRIOR so you can sell ANYTHING to ANYONE at ANY TIME!

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