House, for those unfamiliar, is a television series that showcase the life of how doctors work and live their lives. Most especially, Dr. Gregory House as the medical genius and show’s main protagonist. Although the drama is fictional, the medical cases in between are real and it can give you an idea of what doctors look for in drugs and their prescription towards their patients.

Although doctors like House is a worst-case scenario, most doctors still know what is needed to continually function for both hospital and patient.

Timing Precision

If you watch the speed of how the doctors move from place to place in the show, that is the speed of doctors in real life. And it is this study of precision that enables you to reach out to them effectively.

That is why when any pharma sales rep makes a sales call, you got to prepare what to detail before the sales call. Doctor’s time is precious and you have to nail the facts fast.

The most common approach for many sales reps that sells to specialist is the Corridor Selling method: you literally must catch the attention of the doctor as he/she makes their way to the next patient down the corridor.

Emotional Selling

In the show, the doctors are absolute pros in terms of medicine administered and the machines used to treat patients. To sell to professionals like these needs to touch on scientific points but also emotional ones.

In the show, you can see that the doctors (even House himself) often get conflicted emotionally with the patients. Sales Ninja calls this Emotional Selling whereby you sell your product by using your potential’s emotions in your benefit such as happiness of the patient after each treatment.

Consultation As Critical As Treatment

Doctors do not only prescribe drugs but also consult with patients to keep their health positive. As a sales person, you can also refer consultative selling since a doctor’s consultation is still a charged service.

Doctors like House knows how to do their job well and as someone selling drugs and equipment to them, you should know just as much if not more. A few tips here and there that could help the doctor’s consultation services increase in quality would help boost their own rapport with patients.

Pharma Sales Training

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