How A Guy Selling Pens Did it – Sales Prospecting In Malaysia

Here is what Grandmaster Hanzo and I witnessed on how a guy selling pens did his sales prospecting and got a sale.

” Pen?”

A guy walks up to our table and asked if we wanted to buy a packet of 4 pens. We were not interested so we shook our heads. We were having lunch at Village Park where they have really good Nasi Lemak. As usual, the place was full of customers and this guy selling pens went to every table and asked if any of them were interested to buy the pens.

Everyone was not interested and finally one girl, who seems to be a student asked if she can open the packet and try the pen. He allowed it and she proceeded to take out the pen from the packet and tried scribbling on a piece of paper.

Seemingly interested, she asked for the price and eventually paid for the pen.

I thought to myself, knowing that this sales method where you walk around tables does not seem to work anymore compared to 10 years back, how did he manage to close that sale?

He Was Not Demotivated

Although he faced countless of rejections, he still moved on and went to every table. Sometimes, in this situation, when we get rejections over rejections, we would just give up and walk out of the shop without going to every table. But, the potential buyer might be inside waiting for you to approach him/her.

He Went For Quantity

Sometimes, the more people you prospect, the higher your chances are of closing a sale. It is important to approach or call people for you to get sales. Waiting for customers to come to you is a big mistake.

Sell To The Right People

The reason the girl needed the pens was because she was a student. Though we all may need to use pens in our daily activities too, but she needs it more. The lesson is to identify people who have a need and provide a solution.

Learn To Tackle Objections

It is important for a sales person to learn how to tackle objections and how to get a customer to buy your products. This is why Sales Ninja MASTER is so effective at handling customers objections and in the end, close that sale.

Things To Take Back From This

All sales people need to put effort to get customers. It just does not work if you are a growing company but you wait for customers to look for you. Every sales people should be out there hunting for new customers. With the right sales activities, sales techniques, product knowledge and sales mindset, you WILL get your sale.

Your Task 

Improve yourself today in one of these areas

– Sales Activities
– Sales Mindset
– Sales Skillset
– Product Knowledge

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2 thoughts on “How A Guy Selling Pens Did it – Sales Prospecting In Malaysia

  1. Guys,

    I had the same experience. There was this outdoor sales person who was being rejected left, right and center. I said to myself that I would buy the charity coupon that he is selling IF he came over to me.

    I waited and waited and waited. He did not give up and continue going from table to table without a faint of being demotivated. However he still did not come over to my table until I called him over.

    Why? Being a sales person myself, I understand the feeling of rejection but he kept his enthusiasm and I respected that coupled with my own decision to buy early on.

    Things I learned myself during the process:
    1) Never assume everyone in the room has rejected you even if 99% did.
    2) Never lose your enthusiasm and passion in what you do

    Cheers to all passionate sales people

  2. Jeffrey, you are right! Every sales person should learn to stay motivated and sell. Like what you said, even if 99% has rejected him, the 1% might just buy from him. Another way to increase the sales percentage is to know how to pitch correctly. Great feedback.

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