Halloween scares people. What scares your sales people?

Halloween scares people. What scares your sales people?

Halloween is coming up end of the month. It’s a time where people wear costumes,walk around and scaring others.

What scares your sales people? Are your sales people afraid of cold calling, networking or even following up with prospects? Doing sales scares lots of people and in order to overcome that fear, here are some simple techniques that you can use immediately so that you can close more sales today.

Prospects slam down my call

This is very true. Managers get more than five calls from sales people every day and if your call is the same as the others, be ready to be slammed. In order to get your prospect’s attention, there are two instant ways that you can get their attention longer which are greeting with high energy and probing.

A high energy greeting will make that call sound livelier. Probing is a must to understand your prospect’s needs so that you can provide the perfect solution. These are only simple tricks to get their attention, find out what to do next in cold calling in our training here

I’m afraid to cold call the CEO, MD or the Datuk

Sales people are afraid to talk to people at higher positions especially for B2B sales. They have the impression that these people are fierce, arrogant and may not be interested to talk to them.

The CEO, MD and the Datuk are actually the decision makers! When you want to close a sale, you should be talking to the decision makers and not the executives. It’s more effective and faster!

Sales People only network with people they know in networking events

Most sales people give reasons that they are shy to talk to strangers.

Networking event is where you MUST talk to strangers. That’s where you generate new leads and create needs in your prospect. The problem with lots of sales people is they stick with the same group of people throughout the event, refusing to talk to other people.

Want to find out how to network with strangers without feeling awkward? This networking technique will train a beginner to network like a pro in only 2 days.

Oh no, that crazy buyer is asking for HALF price!

Buyers will always ask for discounts. If you do not give any discounts, buyer will move to your competitors. When buyers threaten sales people like this, the sales person gets scared and will try his very best to get that discount for the buyer (after begging and begging his boss).

Negotiation can be scary but if you know how to manipulate the buyer, negotiation can be fun.

Generally, buyers only know 2 tricks; Press for discount and threaten to buy from competitors. If you know how to counter that, you’ll enjoy the game. Sales people have effective weapons to hold the price and yet still close the sale like defining your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), selling benefits, controlling your emotions during negotiation, and many more! More PROVEN negotiation techniques to close sales at higher price at our 2 days training here.

Fear stops you from giving your best. Overcome these fears and you can be the best Sales Person.

Sales Ninja has trained more than 100 companies and more than 1000 participants. We have successfully transformed struggling and stagnant sales people to hit their sales target. Want to find out more on Sales Ninja Training programs to transform your sales team?

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