Customers walk-in. Do you keep them in or let them out?

The world of retail is a mysterious place because of the many randomness that happens every hour of every day. Customers walk in and it is your job to make sure they come out with something in their bags AND are satisfied with your service so that they may not only return to your shops or outlets but highly recommends their friends and family to give YOU business.

Bringing New Customers In

The real weakness of retailers is that their sales would depend on 2 factors: Traffic to the store/outlets and conversion from browsing to buying. For a premium or popular brand, sales would be a breeze as customers would walk-in frequently but other factors such as location of your store or the season for shopping would add hindrance even to popular brands.

Service with A Smile

About half of your customers that walk in already know what you have to offer so your customer service skills are crucial at this point. Sometimes, your competitor may sell the same product but it’s the service that welcomes the customers is what fulfils their satisfaction and will entice them to come back again.

Asking The Right Questions

New customers that walk in won’t know about your products or your brand and due to this, they would hesitate slightly to ask certain questions or even know what to look for. As a retailer, your job is to not only approach customer but acknowledge any objections they may have, handle said objections professionally and ask the right questions to make sure they understand what you are selling.

Laziness Is The Risk

The quiet hours of the shop mean that there are times during the day that there will be no customers. You will feel slow and lazy and eventually lose all of your motivation for the day in just a matter of minutes. This is purely behavior based and your mindset must be set positively and firmly to overcome this. It is easy to lose focus unless you constantly have chores to do or customers coming up to you asking for help.

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