Change Is Difficult

Change Is Difficult

You see that picture above? Many will fear its presence and terror as the face of an alpha predator that has ever walked the earth. It’s the icon of thriller movies and the face of anything Jurassic but then…

The picture below is the new face of terror of the modern age.

Disgust and horror are the only thing that will come across the mind. And the ultimate truth? This insect infestation has been around much longer than the alpha predator above… and is still living!

Time’s Change

The difference between the T-Rex and the cockroach is the evolutionary change. The T-Rex eventually became small and something more edible in terms of DNA: the average chicken. Chickens are basically harmless, they are everywhere, and they are delicious…

The cockroach on the other hand, just shrunk in size. Hundreds of millions of years of evolution and the cockroach survives despite multiple apocalyptic events on earth. Unlike the T-Rex that not only died out, but its DNA altered into our every day substance, the cockroach only shrunk in size, but their DNA remained the same.

Sales Change In Time

Sales people needs to change as times changes. Markets evolve every year and the way to chase and close sales evolve along with it. Unlike the T-Rex and cockroach that forcibly evolved after extinction, sales evolution is all about the mindset.

Mindset is the change that all sales people need to go through or else you will be wiped out like the T-Rex. Although the metaphor to “be like the surviving cockroach” may sound a little degrading but the cockroach has maintained survivability for billions of years! They have been around long before the T-Rex, survived extinction and is STILL alive today.

Results Of Stubbornness

When people refused to change, there are dire consequences. The market and the mindset of the customer will change as does time itself, but old-school mindset and “conventional” tactics will end in your professional demise.

A massive majority of sales people refuse to change their ways and mindset. Just because something works, doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved or enhanced upon. When you refuse to take advantage of the situation, you lose out on many opportunities and like the T-rex, you will die out.

Mindset Change

Change is difficult. Its almost impossible to adjust to and many people break under pressure. In the world of sales, one must be tenacious and persistent; one must possess the absolute will and motivation to survive and thrive in any new market from paper to digital.

The cockroach is without a doubt a rather harrowing creature, but its existence alone proves that with the right mindset and motivation, you can survive through quite literally anything.

  • Do you want to know how to change your mindset from “inside the box” to out-of-the-box?
  • Do you want to be motivated to survive any objection your customers throw at you?
  • Do you want to win and close more sales without having to be the loudest T-Rex in the room?

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