Car Sales Closing Techniques

Looking for good car sales closing techniques? In automotive sales, cars may not be a fast paced product where you get to close 1-2 deals a day. An average closing number for a car sales person is about 5 deals a month. This is why car sales closing techniques are very important. If you miss the opportunity, the buyer can still get the same car from another sales person.

Let me share with you a short story.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Grandmaster was in Giant Supermarket. While walking, he spotted a car salesman handing out his name card to a prospect and said to the prospect “Just call me”

It may just seem like a normal chat between the car sales person and a prospect. But, something seems not right.

What Is Wrong Here?

A good sales person will not make the mistake of waiting for prospects to call. A huge key to closing sales is always prospecting and follow up. To do this, you need contacts and information. The mistake of the car sales person in Giant was that he handed out his name card but did not request for the prospect’s name card. Even if the prospect may not have his name card with him, he can always copy the prospect’s contact on a piece of paper.

What Are The Potential Problems You Will Face In This Situation?

Prospect not willing to give his contact

This is a common problem. Prospects are afraid they will get endless sales calls from you or they are just uncomfortable sharing their personal information. So, how can you counter that fear? There are a few ways.

1. Be upfront. Tell them that they will not receive spam calls from you. Tell them also that you will never share their contacts with other people ( and make sure you keep to that promise). You should only call them when you have an amazing promotion or when it is about time that they change their car.

2. Give them something in return. Everyone wants something in return for what they give. Give them something that you think that they would like to have in exchange for their contact. Be creative here!

3.  Build rapport. If the prospects like you, they will be more willing to share their information and open up to you. If you fail to build rapport or if you accidentally offend the prospect, chances are the conversation will be brief and you will not get information from them.

Prospect not ready to buy a car

Most of the time, prospects who look at cars are curious to know how the new car model looks like, features that comes with it, and probably wondering if they could afford this car. Normally they would just come and go.

With prospects like these, how can you close the sale?

Get information from the prospect.

The prospect may not be ready to buy a new car now. But, eventually he will, maybe in 2-3 years time. This is why getting their contact is important. But contact is not enough, you need to get information. For example, ask him what kind of problems are they facing with their current car? If it’s space, then call him back in future to recommend a large car. If lack of power is what he hates in his current car, then in future, recommend him a more powerful car.

Here are some of many information you should get

– Does he have kids?
– Does he see himself driving a 2-door sports car within the next few years?
– When will his current car loan end? Call to follow up when his loan is ending. Chances are he is already looking out for a new car.
– His job. If he does sales, he probably need a fuel saving, comfortable and impressive car when he meets his clients.
– and many others!


There will definitely be objections by prospect when you try to get their contact or when selling to him . It is how you change the prospect’s mind and convince him to give you his contact. When you get their contacts, it is important to get your information ready so that when the time comes, you can call him up to sell.

The car is the same everywhere. The Honda Civic you sell and the Honda Civic another showroom sells is the same. If the prospect doesn’t buy the car from you, he can just easily go to the next showroom down the street and get the same car from another sales person.

So, why should the buyer buy from you? Sometimes, it’s not just the promotions, discounts, freebies that convinces the buyer to buy, but it’s the service, response time, honesty that you can provide. Buyers buy YOU. They might be willing to lose that few freebies in exchange for your outstanding level of service.

If you want to be successful in sales, prospecting and follow up is the key. Without prospecting and follow up, you are practically a sitting duck and you will lose out to your competitors.

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