Best Customer Service Training Malaysia

Best Customer Service Training Malaysia

Looking for the best customer service training in Malaysia? There are so many horrible experiences where customers get even more angry after dealing with a customer service representative. Every company wants to avoid this as it affects their branding.

One of my colleague, Kai Xian was shopping for a camera accessories and he stumbled on this online store. It was a pretty good deal as it was cheaper than other giant online stores and it has free delivery above RM100. He selected the item (RM100+) and proceeded to checkout but later saw that he was about to be charged RM6 for delivery.

He stopped and sent a message to the shop. They responded and claimed that they have removed the promotion from the website and had rechecked the website again but could not find that promotion so they asked where my colleague saw it. My colleague took a picture and send it to them as proof. They were surprised and thank my colleague for the information. That’ll all they did.

In another case, you may have heard of an automotive German brand that has caused so much trouble to Malaysian owners because of its manufacturing defect and horrible after sales service. Customers are furious because their car has be left at the workshop for days without any replacement car. To make things worse, their customer service is not doing anything to keep their customers happy.

How should customer service be?

In today’s market, delivering good service is not enough, we need to delivery GREAT service to our customers. In such a competitive environment, delivering a great service will be a key differentiation between you and your competitors.

Providing great customer service is your armor to protect against price and customer loyalty. Sales Ninja service is people skills.

Most companies expect their team to give good customer service but are they trained to do it? At Sales Ninja training, great customer service is not just a motto but it is delivered through actions to the customers.

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