An Elevated Story in an Elevator

An Elevated Story in an Elevator

Once, a group of colleagues wanted to take the lift back to the office. However, it was almost full and one of them hesitated to enter the lift. He was afraid that the alarm might go off and make a fool out of himself, his doubt was his own weight might overload the lift.

His colleagues urged him to just come in and try because they would never know until he did. The other people already in the lift started to get edgy because the group is still holding the door for their friend and time started to count itself down. After all, lifts will automatically shut its doors if remained open for too long regardless whose hand is in the opening.

At last, after a small amount of encouragement, the colleague stepped into the lift and just as the others hoped for, the alarm did not go off and the lift operated as per normal.

Sales Ninja sees this as a perfect case of one who lacked the confidence and the knowledge of what to expect. He could have been right, the alarm could have gone off but the ones who stood from the inside knew that there was still space and the weight has not yet touched its limits.

In terms of prospecting for new sales, this experience is very similar to many of us and familiar to those who needs to prospect new companies for potentials.

  1. Sales execs would be afraid to approach a new company because they don’t know how the client may react – Fear of an unwanted but expected outcome.
  2. They have little to no confidence in themselves or their product to approach the client – No self-confidence.
  3. No one and nothing to encourage the sales people to prospect; that there is nothing to be afraid of – Lack of motivation.
  4. Only think of themselves when there is just a good chance that a positive outcome can happen – Negative Self-interest which is a bad habit to keep.
  5. They themselves do not want to take the leap to prospect but hope that a new lead will fall into their hands. – Not being proactive.
  6. Over analyse something and already set themselves to fail – Waiting to fail without even trying.
  7. Taking too much time to decide on the affirmative action to take – Procrastination.



Mastering One’s Self

Sales Ninja public program, How To Sell in Tough Times, has taught and trained hundreds upon hundreds of sales professionals to not only be more positive, productive, highly motivated, proactive and ridding their fears of approaching a new client.

One may have the skills, one may have the confidence but if one does not take the 1st step forward then they will never know what outcome could happen.

The 1st step is to pick up the phone, step 2 would be to click here to register for our Public Program and finally, step 3, is to go out there and chase the sales!

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