A Story of Discipline

What happens when you have a system but for a single lazy moment, you absent-mindedly chose not to follow it? You can lose your IC and drive all the way back to your house to get your passport just to fly off to Sarawak.

This is a story of how I was about to fly to Sarawak to see my wife and son who stayed with my mother-in-law for the weekend. I was at the airport and passed through the 1st security check. After they checked my bags, IC and ticket, I remembered that there will be another security check at the airlines boarding area.

Normally, I would return my IC back into my wallet because it is a personal code of conduct. But this time around, I got to thinking, “they just want to see my IC anyways, I might as well put it where I don’t have to flip through my stuff” and put my IC in my left pocket.

Bad Decision

The choice to put it in my pocket because I was too lazy to take out my wallet again will result in my greatest error. As I was going through the 2nd security check, they asked for my IC and ticket as usual. I showed them my ticket but when I reached in my pocket for my IC, it wasn’t there.

Do Not Panic…!

Normally, you can still fly domestically just by showing your driver’s license. However, to fly to East Malaysia, you need your passport as we will be flying over international airspace which I mistakenly did not bring. The key to this situation is to remain calm because there are just some things that are out of your control; if your emotions get the better of you, you will lose your composure and lose all function.

After a brief debate about my identification lost in the security process, I had no other choice but to drive back home and get my passport.

Determination & Patience

In times like these, your mind is your strongest asset and a determined mind will get you through any situation. I was deadest on going to Sarawak to see my wife and baby boy, but it was also to my advantage that I was in a pre-emptive good mood.

Calmly, I accepted my fault and drove all the way back to home to get my passport. Drove back to the airport and bought another flight to Sibu on the spot but I was contempt because I know, what awaits me at the end of the flight would be the source of my motivation!

A Sales Ninja Lesson


  • If something is your fault or out of your control, you persevere through it and make do with what you have and what you can do. Own up to your mistake and grit through it.

Mindset & Motivation

  • When facing doubts or unexpected troubles, your mindset is the only difference between failure and success. Whatever motivates you to push forward, focus on that and never give up half way.

Continuous Discipline

  • In all manners of life, be it personally or professionally, we must be disciplined to do ANYTHING to get things done fast and efficiently. A small slack in between can lead you into hot water which everyone has undeniably done, big or small.


  • Keep the upper hand over your emotions. If you become agitated or angered in any situation, even if you were standing in a cold room, you would still lose your cool and your composure.

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