You Are Attractive, If You Know This Art

You Are Attractive, If You Know This Art

If you want to attract others, you must be attractive yourself” – Sales Ninja

It sounds simple right? But, most people do not know of this art. Or, they do not apply it.

According to social scientists, people who are confident are perceived as being more trustworthy, successful and powerful.

Basically, how you look, behave and use your words can make you attractive or unattractive. Do you know that, the more confident you appear, the more attractive you are?

Attractiveness is NOT just something that you are born with. It’s like a skill, and can be worked on. Attractiveness is all about confidence. Confidence can be broken down into two main portions:

  1. Physiology

Clothing. If you have one million dollar ready to be set aside for investment, would you give it to someone who meets you wearing a T-shirt and a pair of thongs? Unless if he were in the software business. But, naturally you would not. Why? because he does not look like he is worth that million. This would be different if the same person were to appear in an expensive suit and branded suit case.  He would immediately look more successful, nicer, attractive and smarter. Clothing is something you can change.

Speak with authority. A person with low toned voice who speaks calmly sounds more trustable than someone who has a high pitched voice who speaks fast and stammers. He gains more respect. Try to adjust your tone and speak with command ( not aggresive) with a controlled volume.

Body language. Do you hunch or avoid eye contact? These are common mistakes people do that they are not aware of that cause them to appear less attractive.

  1. Congruency

Make your body match your words! Like the CIA, people subconsciously notice if you are behaving abnormally. For example, swallowing, scratching, fidgeting or doing other unusual activity are clear signs that you are feeling uncomfortable. They might perceive that you are  lying. This is not going to make you more attractive.

Confidence is key.

All powerful and successful people are confident. With confidence, you will be attractive. Again, being attractive is not something that you are born with. In order to master this art, remember to be conscious of your appearance and how you carry yourself.

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Attractive people have the advantage.

-Sales Ninja






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