Books can only teach you so much. There’s something about a person’s voice and their intonation that makes it easier for us to absorb information. Nonetheless, where do we go to learn things like sales pitches and to seek business consultations? It’s easy enough to find lists for “the best so and so” and the “top blahblah” for product or service providers from our western counterparts but it’s difficult to find such lists when searching for results that apply to our part of the world. If you are looking to level up your business here in Southeast Asia, this is the list for you!

Here are the 5 Best Sales Training Companies – we’ve tried to list local companies where possible so you can support your local businesses while building yours! – in 5 different countries:

Thailand – Skywave Solutions [High Impact, Easy to Implement and Affordable]

Founded in 2006 by German national Roland Heck – whose position was that of those amongst the top international management of multiple companies – Skywave Solutions has solidified themselves as a high impact, easy to implement and affordable business and management-consulting firm. Their code of conduct catches the eye (i.e. “We only accept assignments for which we possess the necessary expertise and experience.”) as they are transparent with their value and what clients can expect from them. They provide both “solutions” and “services”. Their solutions are a combination of two different professional services and refer to the various issues they address in their training programmes.

They have a wide range of training programmes not limited to:

• Business & Management Consulting

• Corporate & Competitive Strategy

• Marketing & Lead Generation

• Sales & Customer Relationship Management

• Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Their “services” focus on advisory and consultation – based support. 

These include:

• Marketing research

• Strategic planning

• Web design & development

• Newsletter design & circulation

• Graphic & corporate design

• Search engine optimization

• Sales force automation & CRM

“Skywave Solutions, within a short time, organized our company, completed a masterfully written business and marketing plan, set many realistic goals and obtained several top ten Google rankings including two number one positions.”
Client Review
For Skywave Solutions

Philippines - Guthrie-Jensen [Reliable, Responsive and Goal Oriented]

Guthrie-Jensen is a Civil Service Commission Accredited Training Institution (ATI) located in Makati City, the financial hub of the Philippines. As they reach their 40th anniversary in leadership, they’ve come a long way from just two training programmes in 1979. In 2007, while the companies around them struggled, Guthrie-Jensen managed to expand by 50% and then by another 5% in 2008. They are now bigger than 95% of companies in the same industry. Armed with over 120 training programmes and solutions for clients, they have built connections with over 15,000 companies (some of them being Global 500 companies!). They are now one of the largest Management Training and Consultancy firms in Southeast Asia.

They organise & provide:

• Public Seminars

• Customized In-House Training

• Facilitation + Assessments

Their customisation of programmes is based on a 4-point system:

• Strategic – “Align participants with the strategic direction of their organizations”.

• Research-Based – “We conduct in-depth research to deliver content that is relevant to participants”.

• Interactive – “Everyone participates and amply asks questions”.

• Results Oriented – “The bottom line is better performance, which we deliver.”

“Quick Thinking, Smart Speaking: Clarity and Impact on the Spot."
Client Review
For Guthrie-Jensen

Malaysia - Sales Ninja [Unconventional, Hard-Core and Result Oriented]

Malaysia’s number one Sales Trainer – Hanzo Ng – started Sales Ninja in 2009. Known for being unconventional (in our programmes, trainers, branding and in everything that we do), we’ve accumulated over 17,000 hours of training with in excess of 400 companies from more than 20 industries. Sales Ninja specialises in designing and customising Sales Training Solutions that align with our customer’s needs, sales processes, culture, and environment.

Our programmes revolve around:

• Unity

• Motivation

• Negotiation

• Leadership 

• Prospecting & Cold Calling


With programmes with unique names:

• Team Fighting Spirit : UNITY

• Sales Motivation Training: WARRIOR

• Sales Leadership Training : SHOGUN

• Sales Prospecting & Cold Calling Training: HUNTER

Sales Ninja is highly specialised in revenue growth across industries as our customisable programmes are applicable, relevant and cater to various industries – because we focus on the outcome and deliver real, measurable results. Amongst 143 million search results on Google – Sales Ninja is number one for sales training in Malaysia! With a proven win-rate, our client list – over 400 companies ranging from the automotive, retailers, oil and gas, FMCG, ICT, logistics, advertising, construction, education industries – is a testament to that. Sales Ninja has evolved the sales force from the corners of Southeast Asia to Oceania and the Middle East into powerful sales warriors by arming them with our unorthodox methods and unconventional selling techniques.

"Sales deals amounting to RM22,000,000 closed in 3 days with Sales Ninja’s guidance!"
Client Review
For Sales Ninja

Indonesia – Jimmy Sudingo [Practical, C-IQ based and Interactive]

Not a corporation or company, Jimmy Sudingo has made a name for himself – his name! – while working as the Head of a Corporate University. He is also an ICF Certified Coach and is Indonesia’s #1 Authority in Conversational Intelligence Coaching. His approach applies the principles of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), with elements of neuroscience. He teaches employees to build trust effectively in order to achieve outstanding results. His areas of expertise include:

• Leadership Development

• Sales Coaching

• Effective Marketing Strategy Planning

• Balanced Scorecard as Strategy Management System

• High Performance Management System

• Certified Executive & Business Coaching

• Marketing Strategy Planning

He believes that the essence of learning comes from, in this exact order:

• Analysis 

• Design

• Development

• Implementation

• Evaluation 

"Jimmy Sudirgo (JS) is a professional with high levels of integrity and the ability to teach himself new things/new industries in a short time. He has a wide range of material that he simplifies without making it lose its essence.”
Client Review
For Jimm Sudirgo
Singapore - SOCO, the Sales Optimisation Company [Quick, Efficient and High Performing]

Awarded winner of the “Best Sales Training in Singapore” for the HR Vendor of the Year 2018, SOCO shapes teams for both B2B and B2C sales teams. Tom Abbot, SOCO’s founder, has made his mark as an international scales expert, a keynote speaker, coach and trainer. Their solutions are created around the need for a quick and effective training programme with marginal employee time wasted. They want the teams that go through their programmes to focus on solutions while keeping their goals clear. Abbott is highly regarded as his solutions build high performance sales teams that exceed targets. 

They are offering numerous types of programmes:

• Sales Training – “Outlast short term improvements by instilling sustainable selling behaviours”

• Keynotes & Kick-Offs – “How Tom raise participants out of their seats and to new heights with one of his signature keynotes”

• Sales Coaching –“ Focus on designing actions, managing progress and accountability to overcome individual barriers”

• E-Learning Platform – “Start learning how to close more sales from the comfort of your computer.”

“Thank you very much for yesterday’s outstanding sales training session. Having attended many sales training seminars over 30 years, yesterday’s three hour session was the best I have attended. You have the ability to engage and entertain while staying on point!”
Client Review
For SOCO, Singapore

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