Special Report: Global Brand Forum Malaysia II

Last week, we covered marketing gems from Jim Stengel, the former global marketing chief officer that handles a $8 Billion advertising budget for P&G and S Karthik, the Chairman of Global Brand Forum. This week, I’ll disclose the secrets of Dato Seri Tony Fernandez, CEO of AirAsia & Joanne Ooi, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang.

Here are the notes for your marketing inspiration, they are all in point forms and I won’t be translating them into articles, find the gems. Enjoy…

Dato Dri Tony Fernandez, CEO, AirAsia
AirAsia is Asia’s largest low fare, no frills airline.

> Be a local champion.
> Then be an Asian brand… then global.
> You know you are successful when others imitate you.
> Branding won’t immediately affect your P&L.
> Airasia increased advertising X3 during SARS while others stop advertising.
> Always dream and make it a reality.
> Better to take risk than not try at all.

> Sell your brand to your people first.
> Employees are the ones designing their uniforms because they are going to spend half their lives in it.
> When people say flying to Macau was a bad idea, we went with it, today, we are flying there 12 times a day.
> Staffs get trained in AirAsia academy. Make sure you put together a great training program.
> Tying up with global brands help you leverage on your brand. Eg: Airasia and Manchester United.
> Website is very important because it’s access to the global market.

> Just launched AirAsia blog to get interaction with customers. Make sure they are uncensored, so even bad remarks are shown.
> Use all your assets to showcase brands. We use our planes.
> Do your best to be the First in everything you do.  Eg: First in the world to launch No Fuel Surcharge. First to launch ‘on time guarantee’ or else you get $200 gift vouchers. First to have female pilots. First in the world to have Ms Thailand as stewardess, etc..
> Always innovate new products or services to serve your customers better. Eg: Self check in/mobile booking.
> Always deliver. Bali bombing, AirAsia still flies and did not cut flights.
> CEO must be on the grounds. CEO have to carry bags, do check-ins. You get to talk to customers and see what’s going on instead of hiding in the corporate office.

> Recognize talents. People now who carry bags can one day become a pilot.
> Have a culture of openness.
> Never jeopardize brand. AirAsia is low cost. Therefore no big seats.
> Expand into weird markets.
> Priority should be happy staffs. Because happy staffs make customers happy.
> Good leaders know when to leave. Don’t stay there too long. You need fresh ideas.
> PR strategies really work. When you have no money, come out with controversial activities. Media will give you the attention.
> Favourite quote: Dream the impossible. Dare to dream. Believe the unbelievable and never take no for an answer.

Joanne Ooi, Creative Director, Shanghai Tang
Shanghai Tang is the only Chinese luxury brand in the world.

> Superb brands = great products + great marketing.
> Building brands take short term sacrifice in sales for long term profitability.
> It’s ok if your brand does not please everyone. Create niche markets.
> For luxury brands, customers want to worship the brand.
> Cross promotions also help build brands. Make sure they serve the same kind of customers.
> Allocate 7-12% marketing budget from revenue.

 Branding mistakes
> Not having empathy with customers.
> Too self centered.
> Too much activities. Eg: Steve Jobs cut projects from 200 to 5.
> Discounting, very hard to recover and sell at high price again.
> Didn’t act fast enough on guts and people. Didn’t get rid of people fast enough.
> A brand is never big enough. Consistently make it bigger.

Next issue — Steward Butterfield, co-founder flickr.com. Oliver Stone, Filmmaker. Martin Lindstrom, branding guru.

Until then, to more sales… with less effort!

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// Special Report from Global Brand Forum II
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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