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Sales Ninja MASTER

—- Green Belt —-

Sales Ninja MASTER is a specially designed professional selling skills training that are needed to be successful in the art and science of selling. Used by hundreds of organizations and thousands of sales professionals across Asia, Sales Ninja MASTER is a practical and complete selling methodology that is easy to remember and has successfully combined the best sales practices of Western competencies strategies with Eastern relationship tactics. *highly practical*

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Sales Ninja HUNTER

—- Yellow Belt —-

Sales Ninja Hunter is a practical, no-nonsense sales training program that equips sales people with sales hunter mindsets and essential prospecting knowledge. You will be trained critical prospecting skills like cold calling, lead generation, networking, using the internet to hunt for prospects and other proven lead generation tactics which combined will empower you to schedule qualified appointments during and after the training. *amazing skills*

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—- Blue Belt —-

Sales Ninja Hypnotica is an amazing sales presentation skills training that will equip you with a world class sales presentation model to ensure you have a powerful system and easily to follow structure to build a sales presentation that will hypnotize your prospects to buy. The world of selling has changed. Due to the rapidly changing business environment, buyers now form a committee consisting of different people from different departments to evaluate and input their opinion on the sellers product or services. With little differentiation in our products and services, the difference now lies in the seller. The seller’s presentation is the differentiator. *truly hypnotically persuasive*

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Sales Ninja TACTICS

—- Brown Belt —-

Sales Ninja Tactics is a powerful sales training that focuses on training sellers to tackle extremely tough buyer objections, negotiate a better deal and close the sale. Many times sellers give in too quickly to buyer’s demands resulting in diminishing margins and profits of the sale. Sellers are afraid of objections because they do not have the special weapons and tactics to effectively tackle them. Sellers will also learn the essential skills of closing to blend tackling objections and negotiation because without closing tactics, the sale is not going to move forward. *exceedingly endorsed*

On top of the programs above, we are also highly specialized in designing customized training modules that is aligned with your sales process‚ sales environment and sales culture.

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