Sales Prospecting

What is Sales Ninja Hunter?

Sales Ninja Hunter is a Yellow Belt training designed to be practical and no-nonsense sales training program that equips sales people with sales hunter mindsets and essential prospecting knowledge.

You will be trained critical prospecting and telesales skills like cold calling, lead generation, networking, using the internet to hunt for prospects and other proven lead generation tactics which combined will empower you to schedule qualified appointments during and after the training. *amazing skills*

This training is for sales people who:

Make cold calls and telesales everyday

Set appointments over the phone

Close sales over the phone without meeting the customer

Handle tough phone objections like “I’m busy” or “I’m not interested”

Go for networking events to get leads

Convince gate-keepers to let you speak to the decision maker

Plan a good follow up schedule without being annoying

“The techniques of cold calling and networking were excellent. Has lots of modern, up-to-date,instantly doable solid ideas.”

Ahmad Hambal, Business Executive, Cell Edge Sdn Bhd.

In this training, you will learn how to:

Get more appointments!


Be more confident!


Be more competent!


And Also

Spot genuine prospects!

Craft seductive openers to get prospect super curious!

Use modern networking skills to network with people in groups!

Generate Insane amount of leads during networking!

Use the leads to close sales the next day!

Follow up effectively where prospects WANT to talk to you!

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