Sales Negotiation

What is Sales Ninja TACTICS?

Sales Ninja TACTICS is a Brown Belt powerful sales training that focuses on training sellers to tackle extremely tough buyer objections, negotiate a better deal and close the sale.

Many times sellers give in too quickly to buyer’s demands resulting in diminishing margins and profits of the sale. Sellers are afraid of objections because they do not have the special weapons and tactics to effectively tackle them. Sellers will also learn the essential skills of closing to blend tackling objections and negotiation. *exceedingly endorsed*

“Without closing tactics, the sale is not going to move forward, that’s why TACTICS is so important for sales people who want more sales!”

“This is a MUST-GO sales training!”

This training is for sales people who:

Meet decision makers to do closing

Negotiate with buyers or procurement team before sales can be closed

Persuade and convince decision makers to sign up and buy

Handle tough objections thrown by procurement team

Are selling premium high priced products but don’t know how to defend the price

Have competitors who are just giving away ridiculous discounts for their products

Always meet buyers who relentlessly ask for discounts after discounts

In this training, you will learn how to:

Hold your price with even the toughest customers!

Tackle ANY kind of negotiation!

Use the 3-Systematic Way to negotiate and win!

Not give in to customers’ ridiculous demands for discounts!

Hold on to your high price and yet close the sale!

Sell higher than your competitors and still win the deal!

Not be frightened during intense negotiations!

“It was a great & practical program for my daily sales activities and it also helps increase added value to our customers. I would love to have this course again! Hanzo was very powerful as he managed to lead us to a different area/dimension. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends & colleagues. ”

Alex Chew, Sales Manager, Muda Pasifik Sdn Bhd.

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