Sales Management

Sales Ninja Shogun - Gold Belt

Sales Ninja SHOGUN – Management Is For Sales Leaders Who…

  • Want to build a strong sales culture of performance.
  • Want to learn the best practices of sales management.
  • Want to plan and forecast more effectively.
  • Want to gain the truth about successful compensation plans.
  • Want proven ideas on how to recruit the right sales person for your organization.
  • Want a practical plan to train your sales team the proper selling skills.
  • Want to be equipped with coaching skills to bring the sales team to the next level.
  • Want to learn the modern way of motivating the team to thrive.
  • Want to gain lots of strategies to execute reward and recognition programs.
  • Want to super boost the team with sales contests and the right way to run them.
  • Want to benchmark your sales management skills to world class sales best practices.

The Dojo!
Honorable Traditions In The Workplace!
Create your ideal working environment based on the rituals and etiquette of Japanese martial arts.

Shogun Style!
Harmony Through Earth, Wind, Fire, Water!
Understand yourself and others’ behavior style to create harmony.

The Art Of Sales Coaching!
How to coach your sales team to super performance.

Victory Through People!
Motivation, reward and recognition.

Recruiting Fighters!
The Art Of Getting The Right People!
Hiring, teaching and training sales people.

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