Sales Coaching

Who Else Wants To Bring Your Sales Performance To The Next Level?


  • Work one-on-one with a sales coach to tackle your sales issues.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve them.
  • Improve on your selling skills by treating improvement as a discipline.
  • Develop a plan for skills improvement.
  • Achieve and break sales targets consistently.
  • Discover your sales passion and anchor it.
  • Enlighten yourself with some new insights on sales or sales management.
  • Vent your sales issues in a safe environment and solve them for sure.
  • Be challenged to go beyond your normal results.
  • Sustain the momentum you are experiencing.
  • Bring your sales results to the next level with high level strategies.
  • Achieve sales results in a shorter period of time.
  • Reinforce the best practices you are currently doing.

Why Sales Coaching?

People do not change easily!

Change requires hard work and people tend to be lazy and have a tendency to bounce back to their original self post training. Furthermore‚ people always assume the way they are doing something is the best way to do it. Therefore sales coaching will push, demand and continually challenge the participants to make changes‚ excel and perform.

Changing needs feedback!

Since changing is difficult‚ people need constant feedback on their behaviors to know if they are doing the right thing‚ else they will take the easy road to use their old way of doing things. Sales coaching can measure the effectiveness of skills performed and the trainer is able to identify areas for improvement‚ which in turn will increase participant’s sales call productivity‚ motivation and confidence.

Changing takes time!

Mindset and skills take constant practice‚ repetition and reinforcement before it can take place. Our research indicates that 50% of the things learned at any training are forgotten the following day. And over 90% of it will be forgotten 30 days later if there isn’t a sales coaching program to reinforce the learnings. Anyone who has been to a training would totally agree.

To obtain Sales Results, there are 4 critical Sales areas to work on.

Sales Results =
Sales Knowledge + Sales Activities + Sales Mindset + Sales Skillsets.

Sales Knowledge is the area you need to work on yourself, whether it’s gaining competence in product knowledge or understanding your competitors. Sales Ninja will help you with boosting Sales Activities, aligning your Sales Mindset and equip you with world class Sales Skillsets.


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